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Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 6

Maps of the week of 10/1

-Ranking (4 Players, Anchor)
Me: Peace Earth Book
Opponent 1: Breed Dragon Book
Opponent 2: Support Normal-Rarity Waste World Book
Opponent 3: Fire + Earth Book?

I used the Peace Earth Book I previously used before.
Opponent 1 used a Book that focused on using a 80/80 Breed Dragon that has Support[All] to dominate battles. He used Shape Shifter and Revival to create multiple copies of it, and Quicksand to take Gain from other players.
Opponent 2 had a simple Normal Rarity Waste World Book with Black Sword.
Opponent 3... had a Fire + Earth Book? There wasn't really anything noticeable.

To be honest, the other three players were not very good, making multiple mistakes.
For instance, Opponent 1 had a gimmicky Book. Sure, the Breed Dragon are strong in battle, but using it (costing 230G) blindly does not get results. At one point, he used up all of his items and creatures to use for Support trying to take down a territory and he still failed to get it because he didn't realize? that the territory's owner could protect it enough times. On top of that, he uses Quicksand on his Level 4, but the player that landed on it had Phoenix + Black Sword = 120 damage and took it down because Opponent 1 had no items left. As a result, he ended up 4th.
The other two also made a few mistakes, but there wasn't anything too noticeable. I guess Opponent 3 made some poor mistakes in where to put his Creatures. For instance, he placed Fire Drake next to my movable Rock Shell, so I just moved and took it down. Yeah, the snail actually has 40ST. He also used a Support Creature + creature to take down my Dryad despite Duchess being right next to it. Needless to say, I just moved when possible to take the territory back.

Overall, I was able to avoid the high-level territories in general and slowly build up my Gain and level up my territories. Opponent 3 lands on a Level 4 (chain 5) territory and I defend against his Phoenix + Black Sword with Reactive Armor and it was smooth sailing from there.
I purchased some gems too, the most of all players, though I only had like 10. Still, it was worth about 1000? by the end. No one had Obliterate except for me, but my opponents didn't really seem like the types that bothered to put it into their Books. I never ended up using Obliterate anyways.

Anyways, it wasn't really an eventful match, but the concept of using Rock Shell and Peace to protect territories while leveling up gave me a victory, so I just wanted to note the match. Out of luck, I was able to avoid most high level territories, though I did use Peace and Sudden Impact to reduce the risk upon rolling the dice. Opponent 1 and his Quicksand actually worried me for a second, but I did keep Magical Leap in my hand just in case he tried to cast Quicksand in front of me. Waste World was also overwritten by my Dark World, which protected my Peace from Burnacle. That said, it also made Quicksand impossible to erase, which did worry me.

-Ranking (4 Players,Anchor)
Me: General Guan Book
Opponent 1: Kelpie Book
Opponent 2: Dark World Uniformity Water Book
Opponent 3: Earth Book

My Book is pretty obvious. Summon lots of MHP50+ Creatures to make General Guan as strong as possible.
Opponent 1's Book seemed to have involved summoning Kelpie and using Spells like Relief to position him in the right spot. However, he also had Wind Creatures and Earth Creatures and... not sure what he wanted to do.
Opponent 2: Use Spells like Vitality and Dark World to create impenetrable defenses? It seems there is a Book just like that on the Wiki. According to that, Uniformity is just a decoy, though I don't think that many people would fall for it. In fact, when another opponent used Metamorphosis, the card to be transformed was not Uniformity... but Dark World.
Opponent 3: Earth Book

I wasn't sure how it would turn out using an offensive Book because the map had Gems, but I actually did a great job. And won. Oh, and I did really badly with a Mirror World Book in the previous match (defensive items were all too gimmicky), which is one reason I decided to switch to an offensive Book.
I guess it helped that the other three had hardly any offensive power, but I was able to position
Breed Dragon (Own Creatures ST+10)
Dead Warlock (Invading Creatures ST+10)
Hell Pyron (Fire/Earth Creatures ST+10)
on the map at the same time. Each of these Creatures had MHP50+, giving +15ST alone. Then, their effects give General Guan +30 for a total of +45 with just these Creatures. At the highest point, General Guan had +100ST in battle for a whopping 130ST without items. Yeah, I'm satisfied.
Also, what allowed me to win was that I first bought a few Water Gems, because I knew Opponent 2 was going to level up his territory earlier than me. Then, later, I also bought some Fire Gems. Even later into the game, I sold enough of the Water Gems to make a Lv5 and a Lv3, which then boosted the value of the Fire Gems I bought and giving me enough to Goal. On the last turn, if I rolled a one, I would not have goaled and may have lost, as Opponent 3 also had enough Gain to Goal.

It's not unusual, but I actually didn't end up invading all that much. Though I most certainly tried to kill the Hardrock Dragon as soon as possible. Also, at the very end, I had my Murasame stolen, so I couldn't do anything against Negation items. At times like these, I guess Metamorphosis would have been helpful, though I am satisfied with just Shatter, Squeeze, and Sneak Hand.
That said, with Murasame, nothing could stop Guan. Also, I tried to destroy Reactive Armor because it destroyed weapons, but now that I think about it, Guan eventually has so much power he just goes right through +30HP, so I might not really need to care about that armor in the future?

-Friend (4 Players, Number Eight)
Me: General Guan Book
Opponent 1: Quicksand Water Book
Opponent 2: Instant Death Book
Opponent 3: Earth Book

So I decided to do a Friend Match with a person who constantly made Culdcept videos that I usually watched, since I happened to be available when he was searching for someone to participate in the match.

My Book is the usual General Guan Book.
Opponent 1 used a Water Book that uses cards like Quicksand and Swamp Spawn to force the opponent onto a territory.
Opponent 2 used a Book that uses Lunatic Hare + Succubus Ring, Damphir, Yeti, and Fire Beak (which isn't Instant Death, but is the opposite version of the other two) to take out territory.
Opponent 3 used a normal Earth Book, though his connection snapped early on and turned into an AI. So I'll honestly ignore anything that happened to Opponent 3, because no one cares about the stupid AI.

Well, I was definitely nervous about the Friend Match, but I was able to pull through with a run-away win.
I was pretty impressed with my Book because I feel I almost played perfectly to move the match the way I wanted. My draws were also prefect... to a point. At least in the second half. My beginning hand had three Creatures requiring discarding, which was a bit difficult managing.

Some good moments
  • Opponent 1 used Swamp Spawn's ability on Opponent 2. Then he went through the Tower and leveled it up to 4, in an attempt to quickly take the lead. Luckily, Opponent 2 was able to avoid it, but he did place Lunatic Hare next to it. On my turn, I used Turn to the Wall on Swamp Spawn. By doing this, not only is his ST 0, but he could no longer wear Specter Robe to defend himself. While this is giving another opponent the territory, it was far easier to take out the territory if it was owned by Opponent 2, so I gave it to him temporarily.
  • I used Squeeze on Opponent 1's Mist Wing. Not only does this get rid of a Negate[Fire] Creature, but now he has no creatures to switch Ice Wall to. So Opponent 2's free shot at the territory stays that way.
  • I used Turn to the Wall on Apsaras, which Opponent 1 placed next to the Lunatic Hare that took the Level 4 territory. While yes, this again helps Opponent 2, it far helps me to keep Lunatic Hare there than have it taken over by Apsaras, which negates normal attacks on that territory.
  • Catapult - Because Catapult is both N and gives +30ST, it has immunity to Gremlin's Eye as well as kill Lunatic Hare should it use Succubus Ring (since the Ring only removes the Creature's ST not including items). It may only give 30 to both ST and HP, it really is handy. On top of that, because it is a weapon, should my Creatures get turned into a Wall, they can still use this to increase their HP.
Other than that, I generally had a strong hand. The items I placed in my Book all did their job. Neutral Cloak and Muramasa for Yeti, Catapult against Succubus Ring, the useful Boomerang. Of course, I didn't actually use all of them because some were destroyed, but they were destroyed because they were dangerous. On top of that, in the final rounds of the match, I had Turn to the Wall and Squeeze in my hand, meaning should Opponent 2 draw Yeti, he had to step on my high-level territory on that same turn or it would be destroyed in some way. Since he had Gremlin's Eye, I could not stop Yeti should that have happened, though that is very unlikely.

Finally, the Armor restriction was really noticeable in this match. The Opponents who I used Turn to the Wall on only had Armor, after all. A surprisingly rare case, but it really hurt not to be able to use any items when the Walls were/could be attacked. No Specter's Clock to defend against Lunatic Hare + Succubus Ring.
And that is why I will advertise Catapult again.

Anyways, I had the most PP and AP of the 4... or rather, 3 (since 1 turned into an AI), so I was glad I could kinda live up to that.

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