Thursday, September 29, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 5

Part from last set of maps, rest from current set of maps that ended this week.
Oh, and random story, but I finally reached the max PP and got the final avatar (King) and Book Cover. Damn, that was a hell lot of grinding...

-Ranking (3 Players, Junction)
Me: React Water + Wind Book
Opponent 1: Fire Book
Opponent 2: Earth Book

My Book focuses on Creatures that React to Water or Wind. React Creatures generally have high status upon Reacting, which makes them quite powerful... as long as you make sure they React. However, a good number of those Creatures require territory before being able to be summoned, so I also added easy-to-use Creatures such as Mad Harlequin and Ghost Ship. For the sake of it, I also added in Freeze Cyclone, Yeti, and Dhampir to punish opponents not using my elements. Amusingly, most of the time, my opponents have Earth or Fire Books...
Opponent 1 used a Fire Book. He really lacked weapons and wasn't really able to invade much. That said, considering he had an HP+10 Breed Dragon and used Gas Cloud and Cat Sith, it might have been a defensive Fire Book.
Opponent 2 used an Earth Book. With Black Sword + Great Tusker, Black Knight, and two Breed Dragons that had Critical Hit + Negate Negation to all elements (1 to Water/Wind, 1 to Fire/Earth), it was probably an offensive Earth Book.
When you put it that way, you could say they had unique Books?

Anyways, while I did draw 3 of my Freeze Cyclones, I ended up saving 2 until near the end and threw 1 away. The Cost 100 is high and mindlessly using it doesn't bring profit. That said, using both only ended up reducing 2nd Place's territory chain by 1... which was actually very important, since he was so close to the 7000 Goal. Taking out 1 chain, even though he didn't lose any high-level territory as a result, bought me enough time to Goal in 1st.
I ended up building a Wind territory chain, reaching the max 5. With Harlequin on the board as well as taking two of the high-value territories, I was in an excellent position. Unfortunately, no one landed on a high-level territory, but I was still able to win.
The only thing that threatened my territory was Opponent 2's Breed Dragon, which could deal 80 + Critical Hit, but his strongest weapon was +40, which meant 120 x 1.5 = 180 damage. I had Diamond Armor in my hand, so my Cusith (30 + React 20 + Territory 40 + Harlequin 40 + Diamond Armor 60 = 190) could have survived it. I also had Storm Armor (+100 HP) at one point, but it was stolen from me. However, I also drew Squeeze and destroyed the Breed Dragon later.
While I eventually lost all of my Water territories, my Yeti remained on the board to the end, so I was able to React.

Although I am not sure how much it would have affected the match, there was one important mistake Opponent 2 made. Opponent 1 casted Disease on Odradek and invaded. It seems Opponent 2 thought it was dead for sure, so he did not use any items... However, as you may know, Support's +HP/ST activates BEFORE Disease, so he could have survived if he used a Creature to defend.
Odradek is immune to Freeze Cyclone, so it was good for me that it was destroyed though.

-Special (2 vs. 2, Gold Bug)
Me: Shocker Fire Book
Partner: Fire Book
Opponent 1: Map Burn Book
Opponent 2: Earth Book

My Book is a Fire Book that uses 4 copies of Shocker. As you know, Shocker alone is very weak. Even though he has Attack First, he only has 10ST, meaning you have to use items for him to win battles... Which is perfectly fine. So my Book contains Stormcauser, Bind Whip, and Twin Spike, as well as a couple of Scrolls. Stormcauser gives him 70ST, allowing him to defeat pretty much anything Creature that doesn't use items. Bind Whip allows him to Paralyze Creatures, which he can then attack with a Scroll to kill the next turn. Bind Whip also can stop any invaders without Attack First. Finally, Twin Spike... This is the tricky move that I came up with, that was so rare apparently, not even my partner could figure out what I wanted to do until I did it. So you see, by using Twin Spike, my opponent turns into Shocker too. By using this on a non-Fire territory, they lose any territory bonus. On top of that, they are just a Shocker, ST10 that can't really do much by itself. Sure, if your opponent has a bunch of weapons, that may be a different story, but that's something you have to look and ad-lib on. Further more, because Shocker hit that Creature, it is forced Down, meaning your opponent cannot retreat the now-useless-now-Shocker Creature. Of course, since you get hit back by the now-Shocker Creature, you are Down too, so that requires ad-libs too.
My Partner had a simple Fire Book. He used Shield Maiden with Sigil, but other than that, there weren't any complex combos.
Opponent 1: Terrible player. His Book concept is to use 2 extremely defensive Breed Dragons to use for high-level territories while he uses a whole bunch of Map Burn cards to kill the opposing side's creatures. The problem here is he has no armor, which makes him vulnerable to a lot of stuff... Though the biggest problem simply comes from him abusing the icons and being really annoying.
Opponent 2: A fairly simple Cockatrice Book. Disability, Lunatic Hair, Turn to the Wall, Cockatrice, Battering Ram... The usual.

As most people may have experienced, Map Burn Books really have a hard time winning, because of its inability to hold territory and attract attention. To address this problem, he used two defensive Breed Dragons, but as I said, they have their limits when they are barehanded. Furthermore, while we did lose a few Creatures and with him getting the more dangerous spells early on, there wasn't that much extensive damage.
Opponent 2 had a scary Book, but he lacked defensive items too. His most prominent defensive item was the Dragon Orb, but that always limits you to 50HP, which is hardly usable against full-force invasions.

In the end, they built 3 high-level territories.
1 was Captain Cock. My partner used the Holy Word 6 that the opponent created by overwriting Turn to the Wall to land directly on it and kill it with Volcanic Dragon. Volcanic Dragon deals 50 Scroll damage, which of course goes through even Dragon Orb.
2 was a Breed Dragon with Negation to Fire and Earth. Frankly, we couldn't do anything about this, so I just focused on limiting the territory chains.
3 was another Breed Dragon, that had +40HP during battle. Normally, this would be hard to take down, but thanks to my combo, everything worked out fine. It was between 2 of our territories (my opponent landed on both sides, placing a Creature on each, with me switching out Conjurer for Shocker). So I had Shocker turn such a scary high HP Dragon into... just a Shocker. Of course, it is Down, so it couldn't be switched out. My partner then attacked with his creature, finishing it off easily. One of the strengths of Fire is that even if they are turned into a wall, they can not only move, but they have 30ST. On top of that, their movement is considered a spell, so it is not stopped by Immobilize.

Aside from that, we had 1 more high-level territory that I placed Tiamat on. It later turned into a wall, but it stayed until the end.

Overall, Shocker did a really good job. Being immune to automatic Downs, I could switch him out before he got hit by a second fatal Map Burn Spell. Stormcauser allowed him to take out Rock Titan. And of course, Twin Spike allowed him to turn a Breed Dragon into just a weak Shocker. He also used Bind Whip to kill off another weak Breed Dragon from Opponent 2 that had Petrifying abilities.

-Ranking (2 vs. 2, Bumblebee)
Me: Invasion Water Book
Partner: Earth Book
Opponent 1: Wind Book
Opponent 2: Land Trance Support Book

My Book is an Invasion Water Book. When most people think of Water Books, they would think of defensive. But they do have various Creatures suited for Invading. My Book uses Tentacles, Lilith, and Triton along with weapons like Claymore to take away enemy territory. The reason I chose Claymore is because Lilith dies from Stormcauser.

Anyways, while it was closer than I would have liked, it eventually came down to the fact Opponent 2 had a support Book. A Book that protects himself only without any focus on maintaining Territories, all with the assumption that his partner would have safe territory for him to use his Gain on. Because of this, while he did have powerful items like Necroscarab, he had NO territory to level up. It doesn't matter what items you have if you have no chance to use it.
On top of that, because his Book has no invasion or defensive powers (Living Glove only?), all of my Spells like Shatter and Sneak Hand went to his partner, stripping away all of his defensive items. In the end, this proved fatal as his territories (that were leveled up) were stolen.
Like I said, unless you are facing the stupid AI, do not bring a "support" Book to 2 vs 2. You place ALL of the pressure on your partner, which never feels good. Oh and yes, stop using Barrier. That just says "Please feel free and destroy my partner's hand!" all over it.

The big events of this match were:
1. Opponent 2 levels up a territory next to Woodfolk, but Woodfolk + Support had just enough HP to take it out

2. Using my partner's Spitting Cobra to remove Peace and taking out Holy Llama with Triton + Claymore.

Because of these two events, we were able to lower the opponent's Gain and increase our Gain past the 10000G goal.
Although I did not do it because we already were able to win, I could have take a Lv5 territory by using Magical Leap onto it with Living Glove + Claymore. Also, casting Hyde's Paralysis and then invading with the neighboring Bahamut + Claymore could have taken out a Lv4 and turn it into Water.
I wish I actually drew Hyde earlier, but all is well if it ends well, I guess...

I was particularly satisfied with Triton. I rarely, if never, see people use him, but because he allows you to draw if you use an item, there isn't as much pressure in item usage. Just defend or attack and you won't have less cards in your hand. Of course, he lacks power to take out high level Territory + Item, but he is useful for attacking low level Territory and with Hyde's Paralysis, he can also take out higher level Territory.

-Ranking (2 vs. 2, Bumblebee)
Me: Invasion Wind Book
Partner: Battle Effect Book
Opponent 1: Battering Ram Book
Opponent 2: Wind Book

My Book uses creatures like Martial Monk, Nike, and Sleipnir to mainly focus on invading and taking over enemy territories. Because I also used Tetrarm, I added scrolls and the instant death amulets.
My partner used creatures like Tentacles and Neburos, which have various effects in battle. To be honest, I can't say it is a Book that is strong or easy to use, but he didn't really make bad moves or anything.
Opponent 1's Book focused on using Magic Shelter and Turn to the Wall with Battering Ram. From his later draws, it seems his Book was mainly Earth.
Opponent 2: It seems to be a Wind Book, but frankly, it wasn't that well built. I think he had too little items, with the ones that were drawn destroyed quickly, leaving him considerably defenseless. By the end of the game, he had, like, 4 Creatures in his hand.

Pictures speak many words, as they say, so...

As you can see, this was one of the most lopsided matches I have played in Revolt. My team had absolute control over the board. Opponent 1 later, when it was too late, drew stronger cards like Great Tusker and Duchess, but his team had NO EARTH TERRITORIES, meaning he could summon anything important. Partially because his partner decided to cast Barrier on himself, he lost and ended up with no items by the end of the match. On top of that, he added too many support Creatures into his Book, like Bird Maiden and Sleipnir, which I personally do not suggest doing just because these are useful Creatures. Of course, he lost these creatures due to the lack of defensive items, but he even lost his Mormo because he didn't have Creature usable for Support (Neutral, Fire, Earth). Because he had to give a good portion of his Book to Magic Shelter and Battering Ram, it also seemed like he didn't have that many defensive items. Needless to say, those items as well as most of his Battering Rams were either destroyed or stolen (because 2 vs 2 is similar to 1 vs 1, spells that disrupt the opponent are that much more useful... and used).
Opponent 2's Book just wasn't that strong. Drain Sigil... why? Dominant Growth? Centaur without many items? Anyways, there were some questions on his Book content.

One move that stood out in the match to me was when my partner suggested to me with icons to switch out his Creature for my Typhon. Although this gave me a shot at the opposing team's only remaining territory, the main reason for this was he wanted to use Ray of Law and didn't want to destroy my card. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded much either way, since the enemy was nearly completely destroyed. It was a good move though, as Armor Dragon (which could kill a Level 4 Living Amulet) and Asteroid from the opposing team's hands were destroyed.

Also, another moment was when my opponent placed a Creature next to that Level 4 Living Amulet, allowing him a chance to destroy it using Battering Ram. However, he may have forgot the Goblin (Harlequin turned into it through Discord) was within attack range through Sleipnir, so I immediately attacked it. I forgot Harlequin's stat bonus and used up the Battering Ram I stole from Opponent 1, but it didn't matter much anyways. It might just be a Goblin, but it can still kill if you don't have defensive items.

Finally, the reason the opposing team ended up with so little Gain was because both players landed on a different Level 4 on the last turn. Opponent 2 had no weapons, so he could do nothing on Amulet. Opponent 1 couldn't summon anything, so he could do nothing against Nike. I think if he could summon Great Tusker, he could have taken the territory using Great Tusker + Battering Ram. I don't think I had any items to defend against it (since Nike can't wear armor).

Short Story:
In a Rankings match, I decided to use a General Guan Book. Because there is a tendency to use high MHP Creatures in Revolt's environment, General Guan ended up getting +90 to ST120. Not only was my Book filled with MHP50+ creatures, my partner and one opponent had Creatures like Aqua Duke while the other opponent had Duchess and Great Tusker. General Guan ended up so strong, it was able to kill the Living Glove that attacked it. Living Glove only ended up with 105HP/ST, which wasn't enough to survive General Guan's attack. In the end, I wasn't really able to invade any important territories with Guan (and couldn't draw a second Guan to use anyways), but it was able to demonstrate his great power when Living Glove attacked. I didn't bother using any items because I was keeping track (to a point) of Guan's ST and knew Glove could not get past his attack.

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