Monday, September 5, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 4

Ranking from last map rotation, Special from this map rotation

-Ranking (4 Players, Magatama)
Me: Peaceful Earth Book
Opponent 1: Water + Wind Book
Opponent 2: Water Book
Opponent 3: Earth Book

Not much to say about my opponents. Pretty normal Books for each of the elements.
As you know, Magatama has a Command Tower on the map, which allows the player to place a Creature on any territory. Because this makes it hard to defend the territories, I decided to try a Peace Book, where I use Rock Shell and Peace to protect my territory and Dark World to protect Peace.
As a result, I got 3rd... The problem is that I have little ways of invading territories, meaning I have very few ways of dropping the Gain of my opponents. While I did add in Sudden Impact to the Book as my only way of dropping my opponents, it hardly is enough to win, because even if I drop 1 opponent, the others are perfectly fine. I think in order to improve this Book, I should add in more ways of earning Gain, like Tiny Army (Rock Shell, Support creatures are all HP30) or Golden Goose, in order to increase the speed of my Book.
That said, my concept did work fairly well. Dark World did protect Peace, though it was erased by my opponent's Mirror World. Purify was also used, though Rock Shell can cast Peace again at any time.
And the match was exciting, not thanks to me. Geyser kills a Creature and the user lands on the territory he freed up (well, Command Tower), Senility to a direct land on the territory, and Holy Word 8 to direct one of my opponents onto a Level 5 for the win.
In a way, you can say 3rd place makes great sense, as I wasn't really that influential on the map. 4th place was the one that was forced onto the territory of now-1st place, and the other 2 places were there and there.

-Ranking (4 Players, Magatama)
Me: Support Earth Book
Opponent 1: Water Book
Opponent 2: Wind Book
Opponent 3: Earth Book

I'm just going to say that I technically was 1st place as far as playing goes. Unfortunately, out of bad luck, I ended up second.
I used Holy Word 6 and forced Opponent 1 (or was it 3?) onto my Level 5 and had enough to win by reaching a fortress. In my head, I was thinking, as long as Opponent 1/3 doesn't land on Opponent 2's Level 5, I win... And yeah, flags even though I didn't say it out loud. The person that was forced onto my Level 5 rolled the dice and landed on the other Level 5. And that opponent was right next to a fortress, so there was no way to stop him.
But it's fine. I did all I could and did a great job. One thing to really beware of in Magatama is the efficiency and danger of Holy Word. Unfortunately for Opponent 1/3, the fact he used Metamorphosis on my Squeeze ended up came back to bite him as the Squeeze/now-Holy Word 6 sent him to his doom.
Other than that, there is not much to say. The defense of Support Earth is as ever. I accidentally activated Tiny Army when I only had 4 creatures with MHP30 or less because I forgot Woodfolk now had MHP40...

-Special (2 vs 2)
Me: Support Earth Book
Partner: Rock Shell Earth Book
Opponent 1: Neutral Book
Opponent 2: Curse Water Book

Me: The same Support Earth Book I used before. Since your partner is human, I find it kinda hard to just try out new Books. Because after all, if the Book doesn't work, you'll probably lose and your partner won't be all that happy about having to take care of you. So for that reason, this Book is probably my favorite choice for 2 vs 2, as it is versatile.
Partner: Mostly Earth? Book. He had a couple or more copies of Rock Shell, so I guess that was his strategy. Rock Shell ended up benefiting from the opponent's Dark World and became a safe investment. More importantly, the Captain Cock he placed was very powerful.
Opponent 1: Neutral? Book. He had various stuff like Bird Maiden and Harlequin, but the only thing that really stood out was when he placed Energy Field on my creature and attacked it with Shadowgeist. Shadowgeist -> Energy Field combo?
Opponent 2: A defensive Water Book that used stuff like Dominant Growth and Vortex along with Dark World

Opponent 1 did not have many ways to defend his territory, so he did not have that much board presence. Sure, he was able to take 100G from me with his Energy Field, but by the time he was able to do that, it was hardly enough to do anything.
Opponent 2's only way of taking out territories seemed to have been Magic Shelter + Battering Ram, so he was not really that much of a threat. His strongest territory was a Giant Nautilus with Fat Body, but thanks to my partner's Captain Cock, I was able to slowly chop of his HP. Fat Body's reduction of ST really was prominent in this case, where I was able to safely invade his territory over and over again thanks to Nautilus's ST being reduced to 0.
One really good play by me was when I leveled up a territory to Lv4 while one of my opponent was in range to step on it. He had Holy Word 8 in his hand and there was a Lv4 7 spaces away, so I leveled up the territory 8 spaces from him. By doing this, he was unable to avoid the 7-space-away Lv4 by using Holy Word. He did cast Senility on the 7-space-away, but he rolled the dice and landed on the 8-space-away as I had hoped.
Finally, at one point near the end, Opponent 1 casted Holy Word 3 on my partner, making him either go to a Lv1 with a couple of high-level territory in front of that or a Lv4. I iconed to my Sharazad as a way to remove the curse, but I am not sure if he got the message. He rolled and, of course, went to the Lv1, but he was able to take it out because Opponent 2 did not have the money to defend it anymore. That said, if I rolled a 1 and did not goal, my partner had a possibility of landing in a high-level territory, so while all is well, I am still curious if he realized he could dispel the curse with Sharazad...

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