Monday, September 26, 2016

Megami Tensei IV: Final - Levels All Maxed Out

So yeah, with the games I am playing are reaching a good resting point(?), I went back and completed my leveling. Now my ENTIRE party is Lv999.
Also, aside from the protagonist (doping), Cleopatra (Streetpass bonus), and Inanna (Streetpass bonus), there have been no artificial stat increasing.
Matador -> Male demon slot
Chironnupu -> Mascot demon slot
Rest -> Waifu demon slots

Leotard/High-Leg || Healer

There weren't that many good options for physical-based female demons || Status Ailment + Physical Attacker
A couple of unique skills

Kemono-girl || Physical Attacker

A grotesque beauty || Dark Attacker
It took some effort to get the unique Dark skills on her

Butt || Gun Attacker
Took Medusa's unique skill, which is a stronger version of the common multi-attack Gun skill

Toki... kinda? || General Magic Attacker

Like her design in general || Gun Attacker that can also switch to Physical skills

Oppai! || Ice Attacker

 Mascot || Supporter

Butt, Lore (transformation, corruption-ish) || Fire Attacker
Gave her a unique Fire skill to counter buffs

Of course? || Light Attacker (sub-Healer)

Wow... in many ways || Light Attacker (sub-Healer, sub-Debuffer)

 Just wanted too || Electric Attacker

Oppai! Legs! || Almighty Attacker
Of course, I gave her Metatron's unique skill

Pretty || Fire Attacker

Flat-chest, just... in general awesome || Ice Attacker
Had to get unique skills from two demons, making it a grind to get the ideal her

 Of course? || Dark Attacker

Pretty || Supporter

Pretty || Electric Attacker

Might have a weird design, but its pretty || Supporter, Debuffer

Of course? || Status Ailment

Of course? || Force Attacker
Just because it fits her, I gave her Sexy Dance

Same reason as Pixie || Force Attacker

Only Male demon around || Physical Attacker

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