Thursday, December 22, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-16 Decided Selector

2 boxes + 1 Pinch Art pack from Nanashi's Starter

Well, as far as cost-wise goes, I have no complaint. Heck, might actually be ideal in ways.
In fact, I probably could make a profit if I sold my results... Mainly thanks to... yes, that card.

Yeah, amusingly, I got both the LR version AND the Secret version for Innocent Defense in one box. Yeah, talk about surprised. Now my Flathro Deck's defense can be improved and I STILL have one Innocent Defense for viewing in the binder.
And I got Destruct Through and Breakthrough Blue in the other box. Interestingly, that means Dona is on the LR and Secret for one box and Aya was on both for the other.
Although it costs less, I wish I got Dona Fourth though, because I want to make her deck. But cost-wise, it is better to get what I get and separately buy Fourth. I was able to get Level 0 to 3, so I only need Fourth now.

As for the Super Rares goes, I did end up getting the cheap, very cheap and hard-to-use Nanashi-only Spell, but I did get 2 copies of Influ to improve the Nanashi Starter and 1 Snow Queen, which is fairly costly. I also got 1 copy of Wedding for Mel's Starter. I won't really use the rest. Cost-wise, this wasn't bad, but I wish I got Karaten and maybe another Snow Queen? I'm sure Dona will get more options later, so I don't want that many copies of each though. 3 Karaten and 2 Snow Queen?
...Yeah, I just don't want to buy too many Snow Queens because she costs a fair amount...

And as for the Parallels and etc go,

Thankfully, I got 2 Rio Coins. The other possibilities were Shou-chan and Onii-chan... and I prefer Rio over looking at them on the Coin.
Definitely happy about the couple of Nanashi Signi and couple of Dona Signi. I especially like Karakasa's leg, which is only fully visible in the Parallel version. While I don't really prefer Parallel Lrig cards because they don't really look that different, Dona First would be a good touch. And I'm kinda surprised the Jinrou cards could also be Parallel... and take the Parallel spot... since they don't look any different from the original except being Shiny... Yeah, I bet you can't even tell they are Shiny from the image...

And yet again, I did not get Defense for the Pinch Art. Don't Move is still better than the Red one though... And no 2nd copy of Gate at least too.


  1. Hello, I discovered your blog while looking for information about Flathro deck. But, as usual, it's quite difficult to have information about wixoss deck which are not meta. Could you help me with Flathro? I discovered Wixoss this week, I'm a complete beginner, but I absolutely wanted to play Hanayo, whatever the performance of the decks. I started with Hanayo-2-stop deck. But the Hanayo5,The Flame has a awesome design, I want to play it :). Do you have a deck list for Flathro deck? some advices? good combo ? basic mechanism ? Thanks

    1. Hi

      As for me, I'm more of a collector than anything else, because you can't really play against someone unless you are in Japan, other than using Webxoss.
      Therefore, I don't really have that trustful advice on the deck structure.

      I would personally suggest searching on the web, such as Twitter, フレイスロ 勝利
      You should be able to find visual deck samples of victorious Flathro decks.