Saturday, December 17, 2016

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Main Story Complete + Thoughts

I'm using the wording "Thoughts" instead of "Review" just cause I felt it was more fitting. And there are spoilers. Though this is an old game now and I think most people already know what happens in the story.
Anyways, my thoughts on here and that and everything.
In short, it was good, but I like the original Xenoblade better. But it still is generally great. Buy it. (Duh?)

I'll get to my major complaint before anything else and the main reason I prefer the original Xenoblade over this one.
That epilogue was SO, SO un-needed. I always say so when I watch anime too, but all is well if it ends well. The opposite is quite true too. Everything is solved and humanity is on its way to recovery, and you have this wonderful song and credits.
...And you just have to stuff in a mysterious scene about how the planet is mysterious and the data is gone, so you can't restore people into their original bodies.

Seriously? Did you really have to ruin the moment? Look at the original Xenoblade. Heroine is human again and all is well. T-H-E-E-N-D.
That's all it takes, and you have to give some horror movie ending to this?

And that really is my only major complaint. Everything else generally was an evolution from the original game, although it is also way more complicated. With an overwhelming amount of status ailments, stat modifiers, and everything else that sounds fun to program.
The open world was incredibly too, as you could travel anywhere to any continent any time of the game, as long as you were willing to swim across the giant bodies of water. The fantasy/sci-fi creatures roaming everywhere, all spread out at different levels. What else is there to ask for?
I believe there was a semi-open-world-ish game that recently came out, but I hear it was only semi-open-world... Though the fact your party is forced to be 4 supposedly handsome fujoshi baits drops everything to zero.
And yes, my party includes a female avatar, Elma, Lin, and Celica. Just usual me. To be honest, I don't find the removal of the customizable bust size a terrible loss. I'd probably have made my avatar this set size anyways. That said, the censoring with Lin........................................................

Overall, it took me around 120 hours to get here. Including sub-quests and waiting around for Miranium and Credit to come in.
The final fight was pretty easy (just using high-damage Arts and taking the boss out in a few seconds) until the final part against Lao when he dropped the Skell's fuel to 0, forcing me to fight on foot. Lost a couple times, but I brought out the Saber and leveled up my Arts and managed to take him out. I definitely like the Saber the most. So stylish.

As for small complaints...
1. Censoring
2. The large amount of vocal BGMs (original one had better ones)
3. You have her say this but you can't recruit her into your party? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Now then, it is time to do post-game stuff.
Which means getting bunny girl outfits for the entire party.
...Though I think something more alien-ny fits Elma (true form). I'll have to investigate that when I get the material.

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