Wednesday, November 1, 2017

School Days... Rather, "Days series" rant

The series is technically called the "Day" series, but I think a lot of people actually don't know that, so I went with School Days in the title. But I felt the need to include the actual title of the series.

Please be warned that I will not be too pleasant in this rant... But do understand that I consider School Days a masterpiece.
Oh, and the soundtrack is bloody awesome for all of the games.

Well, let me first say...
HAH! Serves you right, Overflow. You crap on your customers and now you are dead!... Or at least dead enough.

*breathes heavily*
Let me tell you, School Days, the original game, was excellent.
Outside of the bugs, but apparently this company sucks at debugging... or something. Yeah, I know the game could be complicated to make, but that's not an excuse.

First of all, the sheer beginning of the game is excellent.
Think about it. Makoto falls in love at first sight over Kotonoha. But once he gets to know her, he realizes that her personality does not fit him.
Rather, in anime, people fall in love too much and somehow everything works out. But it is perfectly normal and realistic that the person who looks good is not really enjoyable to hang out with.
Some people in real life shame Makoto for this, BTW. *shrug*

Anyways, while Makoto is indeed wishy-washy, he also gets EDs where he is actually cool and redeems himself. In other words, he's an average guy. Not too bad, not too saint-y.
And the EDs? You got Sekai, Kotonoha, the very creepy and probably-meant-to-be-insane-ish 3P end, some joke EDs, and the bad EDs.
And yes, in Hikari's ED, he starts having sex left and right like in the anime, but that was Hikari telling Makoto to have sex. The logic is that sex with Makoto is apparently awesome and Hikari really liked it, so she's pretty much selling his body while also maintaining a sexual relationship with him. Only for the sex. So that is more Hikari's fault.

And you know the bad EDs? People sometimes make fun of them, but the story development that leads up to it is actually quite convincing, especially the one where Kotonoha goes crazy after lots of bullying and losing Makoto combined.

So in short summary, there was a lot to like about School Days.

Then they released Summer Days...
For some reason, the game had even more bugs and downloading all of the patches gets you over 1 gig of just patches, also known as the giga-patch.
Anyways, while the game and story itself was iffy on parts, including character EDs that let too much unsolved, it gave a lot of screen time to Setsuna... and I guess Kokoro too.
Overall, it was a fine game. Nothing that stood out too badly.

...Then... Then... THEN! They released Cross Days.
There have only been two games that have ever angered me, and the only one that righteously deserves it is this one.
Yet again with all of the bugs, but that's not what pissed me off so hard.

First, the new characters were ANNOYING!
Second, the advertised HCG were deleted from the GAME!
And thus Otome lost her route in the GAME!
The School Days characters were treated TERRIBLY!

Look, if you advertised any of this, that would be one thing. But you advertise HCG like for Otome, but not only do you not have those scenes, but you get a bunch of sex scenes between guys.
This isn't a homo-game, OKAY?!
Oh, and the macho fat sub-sub girl character even had HCG?
And the treatment of the School Days characters?
Well, Otome's route was deleted.
Sekai hardly had screen time
And Kotonoha goes murderously insane for the stupidest reason.
Seriously?! Kotonoha took so much beating before she went crazy in the original game, and now you just have her snap at the stupidest things? F*** you.

Oh, and they actually released a remake of Summer Days, Shiny Days, afterwards. Needless to say, I couldn't care the least about it.

And yes, there was a PS2 version of School Days, but the added content were just for the bad EDs and was clearly the staff misunderstanding what the consumers actually wanted.
"Ohh, School Days is known for those bad EDs. So let's just add content for those EDs to make them gloomier!"

So why did I buy Island Days. It actually doesn't look that bad... as far as character treatment. And it was cheap. And the character designs. And I do like the School Days characters.

Now, last but not least, is the fact Otome's voice changed in Island Days and Shiny Days, due to the retirement of her VA.
Her voice was... so weird... but cute... and strangely or not awesome to hear. But her new voice is just normal. Meh.
Her voice isn't the only one that changed in later games for various reasons, but she is the most important character out of them and her original voice was also the most unique.
Yeah, I find Otome cute.
I cheer for Sekai most though.

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