Tuesday, November 28, 2017

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-21 Betrayed Selector... and a little Pokemon

Two boxes of WIXOSS as usual... and for no real reason and with no real place to put them, I also bought three random packs of Pokemon.

EDIT: So apparently, the new illustration Lv4s are actually not guaranteed inside a box. Huh, I feel a little better now...

Let's get the Pokemon out of the way first and fast.
I don't know much about what is worthy or not in these Packs, but I can tell that I did not get anything good.
Except Lana. Which isn't a rare card or anything. And her artwork is just a re-use from the game. But whatever. I'll take her.

Annnyways, to WIXOSS.
In summary, the bads were bad. And the goods were good. I won't really call it equal luck... It's just that, it really got bad in the bad places, and it got really good in the good places.

First are the usual SRs, LRs, and Secrets.

What is great is that I not only got Dona Fifth, but I got two copies of her Level 5 Signi. So I can just go ahead and update my deck to use Dona Fifth without having to buy extra cards (I'm iffy on adding too many Level 5 Signi...)

What's bad...?
I don't use a Mirurun deck, so getting one Zr is bad enough. Two Zrs? No, one of my Secrets was ALSO a Zr! Yeah, I had a dry laugh when this happened...
What's worse? My other Secret was also a card I did not need, and both of my Secrets happened to be the cheapest Secrets in this pack. Huh.....................
I do like Mama 5's artwork, so I'm not so salty about that.
Hoodini's and Flein (or whatever the spelling) also have pretty artworks, though I don't plan to use either, so I'm good there.

Okay, we're out of the despair zone now.
Without a doubt, the best part of my results are these!

There are two types of "special" cards in Betrayed Selector. One is a postcard thingy for different Lrigs... and the other is a new illustration (totally awesome, though I wanted Anne to get a new illustration at least since she hasn't gotten a new high-level Lrig in a long long time) to a selection of Level 4 Lrigs. It seems that you are set to get one of the second type for each box.

And yeah, these two are definitely the best two illustrations of the entire group.
For Tawil, I especially like the way her hands... fingers? are drawn.
Ultum's illustration is just... eye-popping. It does look good, but um... was she so well-endowed? I mean, dang...
And I think they also have the most value/price.

And then finally are the Parallel/Shiny cards. So-so results here.
I unfortunately used up one of my Parallel card slots to get an "Atari" card, which is unusable if you do not live in Japan! Since you have to mail it...
Some of the Parallels are to my liking, like the Pure Swords Spell (middle of second row)'s new illustration, Hera (fourth on second row), and the second and third on the top row.
BTW, the card on the top-left technically isn't a Parallel, but it clearly is already shining in its normal state and got special treatment. So I just put it in here for that reason. Kinda like Arc Aura a bit back.
Oh, and you can see a postcard thingy on the second row. That's the first type of "special" cards I talked about earlier.

As you may expect, Hera is quote popular. It's one of those cards whose Parallel version looks gorgeous enough to be a SR.

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