Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Xenoblade 2: Main Story - Complete! + Thoughts

I had thought about completing the story once I got all of the Rare Blades, but after realizing I'm gonna have to grind until my entire body grinds into pieces, I gave up and went ahead and beat the main story.
One reason for this is that I didn't want to over-level for the main story, so I couldn't just level up and fight the higher Unique monsters that gave high-level Core Crystals. But now that I've beaten the game, I can just go ahead and sleep and level-up.

I do have spoilers, including end-game ones, but to be honest, it's been almost 2 months and it was a worldwide release. I'm not even sure I should care about it.

PS: I'm not going to search each of the characters' localized names one by one while writing this, so I'm going to use the Japanese/Romanized names.
PSS: I'll make a separate post on Rare Blades once I collect all of them...

Anyways, I did leave the game on some times just to get stuff like Nanakoori's incredibly long idol lesson hell done, but while doing side-quests along with the main quest, I finally ended the main story at 250 hours.

While it was a good story, I would say that the biggest impact came from Chapter 10... and not related to the Xenoblade 2 characters.
After all, that was like "mind blows" for people who played Xenoblade... and Xenoblade X. I have to say they really did a good job of connecting all three games, without doing one of those "Well, they saved the world, but they didn't save the world in this sequel just so we can do a sequel!" types of crap.
And in a way, you can say that this provided salvation to Xenoblade's final boss, who was pretty much a big jerk and you hate him and enjoy beating him. They still have similarities, like (at one time) trying to have the world destroyed because he doesn't like what's going on, but in this game, he sees some hope and finally does some good God stuff.
Outside of making lots of fanservice-full female Rare Blades and Hotaru, but that's a different story.

I guess two minor issues I have with the story is that Rex kinda worries a bit too much. Yeah, I understand why and all and he does grow through the story, but for God (who is...)'s sake, Homura should just tell him to hold on to her Core Crystal because she can just revive from it. Even I could tell that was going to happen. Even if the group didn't know the full extent of her ability to revive with her memories, she had enough time to say so.
To be fair, she never said she could not revive. Rex asked if she would come back, and she's just silent with this sad look. "Technically", she didn't say she couldn't and just watched Rex angst for a while.

But still, it was a great story with all kinds of different characters. You have over-the-top battles with mecha, robot girl transformations, guys hugging (it was a good scene, BTW), god complex, and you have "anime"-moments that are so... "brave" that even "anime" don't do them. You got sexy girls and Hotaru. Comedy. Action. Romance. You got it all.
And seriously, the event where Nia doesn't know what "Kame-atama" just blew my mind by how far they went. Not that many games out there where you have a whole comedic scene where girls talk about... um... male private parts.
Oh, and the theme of memories, that not only was one of the themes of the main story but also a major theme in the Blade Quests, was also well done.

I also have to say I enjoyed the Blade Quests, where you can learn more about each of them. Some of them, like Mikumari and Seori, have really dynamic stories where there is so much change throughout it, and they tend to leave the most impression. On the other hand, you get ones like Kasane, where she just spreads misfortune and still doesn't realize what she does by the end.
And Yaegiri? Now that is a straight story.

Anyways, enough about the story.

The battle system is definitely complex, but it is so fun and there is so much to do once you get a hang of it. It took me a while, but I eventually understood the concepts.
What's funny is that once I look back at the Xenoblade 2 Direct, they actually clearly explain pretty much all that you need to know. It's just that when people first watched it, they had no idea what was going on. Like Blade Combo, Driver Combo, Fusion Combo. All of that was actually shown in that Direct.

I usually don't comment on music or voice acting, BTW, because I would usually only say something if it was noticeably bad. In other words, if I don't say anything, that means it was good! Or at least nothing to complain about.
Oh, and I bought the Japanese version because not only do I want Japanese voices, I want the original Japanese text and names.
No! I do not want to read Hotaru as Floren, Byakko as Diodrimarch or whatever that was, etc.

Hmm... I guess that is all.
I guess one final thing to mention is that damn, the modeling in this game is so good. The anime-ish artwork really allowed the characters to have more expressions.
Also, it was amazing to see how well the Rare Blades were modeled to represent their original artwork and not just the central Saitou style.

So overall, yeah, it's a great game and while I'd suggest people to buy it, I'm sure everyone has already gotten it.
Right? *stares suspiciously*

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