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Xenoblade 2: Thoughts on Rare Blades

My thoughts on all of them, not including the Main Story ones, now that I have gone through all of their Blade Quests + Kizuna Talks.
And I've actually gone through all of the Unique Monsters too, so I can finally go and make that "All of my Game Over" videos I wanted to make. I still have to do the grinding type stuff for various Rare Blades and I definitely have not done all the missions, so I'm not at 100% yet, of course.

BTW, the thoughts are fairly short, but they are what I first think of when I think of each one.
In general, the common theme of memory is persistent... and good, as that is also a main theme of the main story.

...Nia is best girl.

Wadatsumi / Aegaeon
Mr. Super-Common. Cool voice and all, but frankly, his story appearance is a bit meh. He just gets killed when his Driver decides to not shield himself along with the others. He doesn't have a Blade Quest, but he shows himself to be very... serious in the quests involving the conspiracy squads.

Guren / Godfrey
Mr. Justice. It was actually pretty interesting to see him say that justice is actually simple but that people think too hard about it. Then we have those games that go on about how everyone has their own justice and all, but Guren would be like "Wut? Don't give me that crap and take my justice punch, evil-doer!"

Jikarao / Wulfric
The "looks mean but has a good heart" archetype. His idle motion of sitting down and moving his legs will make anyone look twice.
His Specials all are very action-y and cool.

Vasara / Perceval
Dark Hero. Similar to Guren, he doesn't get swayed by the taunting of others and just does what he thinks he needs to do, which was definitely cool to watch. The only problem is that he is a "Defensive" type despite that his skills are all offensive.

Mei / Vale
Her breasts jiggle so much...
And the tights are worth staring at.
Anyways, the chuuni thingy and the whole "delinquent girl that actually likes cute things" thing. Her Special Level 3 looks awesome, with her jumping on the spear and driving it into the ground.

Menou / Agate
Oh the torture of stone searching...
A good story, indeed, but the best part is switching into her when you are fighting a bug and she lets out a scream.
Her weapon is an axe, but my impression of her is that she spends a lot of time twisting and throwing it.

Yuuou / Gorg
Jojo. He just... keeps on posing. I didn't really care that much about his character, but... that posing.
And he poses while sprinkling sugar or something. Weird but funny.

Idaten / Boreas
You can unlock his entire Affinity Chart with just food. And he only thinks about food. And he's really fast. And his head can be removed. And... weird.
Pretty cute story, BTW.
He is also easy to raise and handy in battle as a healer, since his weapon is a Ball and he increases evasion.

Kasane / Kasandra
A cute story, though the problem on hand doesn't really get resolved. It looks like she is so positive, there is just no way to get her to remove the mask. In the first place, can she remove it?
I mean, apparently Blades can eat and go to the toilet. They can also take off their clothes, but can they change their default outfits?
BTW, all of her Specials are cool, be it summoning bandages to going berserk.

Mikumari / Praxis
Seori / Theory
Because their Blade Quests are linked together and they are both Blades you can get through the sub-story, their story really felt like another sub-chapter to the game instead of just a quest.
On top of that, their Blade Quests are easily the most dynamic in the game, with their relations to the characters changing over and over again. It also showed how a Blade could be affected by the Driver, and also showed that the Blade can kill their own Driver if you piss them off enough.
Both are also cool in battle. I especially like Seori's Level 3, where she summons a giant icicle and cuts it in half.
Oh, and I kinda digged the whole Yandere thing Seori was doing during the final encounter with her Driver.

Tokiha / Perun
Female knight archetype. So much jiggling, but her skirt is so short it doesn't hide much. In other words, there is a lot to look at.
As always with most Blades, she is straightforward and hardly gives a second thought to the taunting of others.
I highly enjoyed her Kizuna Talk, because I got to ask her if she was a masochist. And she had a funny reaction too. Bu,,, But, you're an anime female knight. That means the tentacles and...........

Zakuro / Kora
Yes, I stared at her butt. Man, that butt.
It was quite interesting that her Blade Quest was literally just talking and not doing anything else. I guess depending on the characters available, it gets shorter or longer?

Azami / Azami
While she seems like a Yandere, she actually seems to have more common sense than a lot of the other Blades. As in, she is more likely to listen to others. I mean, even if you release her, she doesn't kill you or anything. So she really isn't as much of a Yandere as just a downer-type obsessive girl?
Anyways, it is a shame that her battle skills are all rather hard to utilize for her weapon type, but the game isn't so difficult you can't use her if you want.

Nanakoori / Ursula
Mercenary Mission Hell. Repeatedly sending her out ever 5 to 10 minutes over and over again.
That said, it is tedious but also easy to do. And the update allowed you to skip a lot of that dialogue.
From her illustrator, she looked like Ranka Lee (from Macross), but it turned out her Blade Quest was pretty much Ranka too! Is this on purpose?
You can see under her dress, BTW.

Nyutsu / Newt
Military Otaku.
People were going on about Tsuki and her appearance, but I can't exactly say Nyutsu is that different, since you can see a lot of her skin too. Except she also has those abs and all, which is a fetish for a group of people. I guess the fact she has two giant arms beside her and an eye in the back makes her "inhuman" enough that the so called Social Justice Warriors don't care.
To be honest, it felt like her VA took some liberties in her voicing.

Uka / Nim
Kinda meh. I mean, her story is cute and all, but they never address the fact she was like "Ooh, the people from that country must have done something bad because they always hurt the animals" all the time. I know Melaph was chill about it, but... Meh.

Rinne / Sheba
The girl that costs 500,000... or actually more considering how much you have to donate to her Lesbian Harem Project. A good story, as she realizes there is more than just money to have a good time with girls, but damn, that bathtub. Even Kubira doesn't move around in his chair.
She is also easy to power-up in battle, as you can grab money produced by her Special or just have girls in battle with her.
Also, I like her Specials' animations, like that cannon lob and the bathtub takedown using the Cannon as a motor.

Musubi / Kora
A pretty impactful story, where the player knew what was going to happen in the end, but it is still a shock when she turns back into a Core Crystal. The story also follows up on her with her meeting the Gramps' children at the home again, and all of it is just so sweet.
Yet of course, bittersweet considering she can't remember anything.
Her voice sometimes feels too high, BTW.

Shiki / Adenine
Not only does she look cuter than her illustration, but she definitely was a lot more energetic than I thought she was, considering her VA being Noto.
On top of that, she is so... physical in her attacks, doing somersaults and punches in her higher-level Specials.
Oh, and that cute dance. I made a video looping it, but I don't think it is possible to do a full loop because that dance is only used in cut-scenes and never repeats the same frame. I think, anyways...
To top all of that, at the end of her Blade Quest, she's like "Well, I'm just going to stay in this room forever and study the information" and she really was in that room when not in the party.
...Wait, what happens to her when the World Tree falls apart.........

Raiko / Electra
It is easy to forget that she actually doesn't start off with the fuzzy hair. It's just that her hair never turns back to normal after zapping herself doing her opening movie.
Another good story, with her coming to be able to control her own powers.
BTW, you can see under her skirt fairly easily. Just use her Special 2.

Yaegiri / Zenobia
A very straight-forward Blade... to the extreme. Fight strong enemies, fight strong enemies, fight strong enemies. Even her Kizuna Talk is about fighting strong enemies (Hikari).
Since she was my first Rare Blade, I definitely have spent a lot of time using her. And thank gosh she was the first, because her attack power is incredible. All of her Battle Skills boost her offensive. The only problem is that she does so much damage, using her usually steals the Target of enemies really quickly.

Ibuki / Finch
Cute. I mean, that really is all she was about. I think the most fascinating moment comes learning that she is female.
As for battle, her ability to negate the usage of your Special Gauge is quite fun to use, and her motions like playing golf or spinning like a Beyblade are... yes, cute.

Hotaru / Floren
Delicious, delicious trap. If you look close enough, you can see that his body is male-ish, but his movement and everything are generally feminine, so... Yet he doesn't think that he is tricking everyone on his gender? He does consider himself cute and use his charms to seduce people, but he considers himself male and is surprised that people mistake him as a girl.
So, I guess he considers himself a cute guy and finds it normal that guys get infatuated by him?
At one of his Steal Hearts, he does have a rare moment he goes "Yameroooo!!", which is a more masculine speech pattern.
BTW, I like all of his Specials, one because I like looking at him and two because he looks pretty in all of them, all which are dancing/
That said, he is kinda extremist in his naturist views, though he learns eventually that there are good people out there (as far as actions towards nature) too.

A cute story, though you don't really get to know much about her. It was interesting for her to talk about the imprinted memories of Blades, such as name, that is never forgotten.
Yes, she is kinda OP, like being able to heal (for some reason) and negating defenses.

Ten-i / Herald
To be honest, her Blade Quest wasn't that good. Sure, she learns that even if she goes berserk, she can be stopped, it doesn't really fix the fact that she will go berserk. Heck, nothing was really done, so it's not like she has a harder time going berserk or anything either now. Just that she can be stopped, so she doesn't have to worry as much.
Which isn't exactly addressing the problem...
That said, her quest was a rare moment you can directly fight a Blade.

Tsuki / Dahlia
Relatively short, but a heartwarming story on inner beauty.

Kubira / Dagas
His VA also felt like he took liberties in his acting (which isn't a bad thing, may I clear up), with some of his lines literally having him laugh while talking, which really gives off that asshole looking-down attitude presence.
Most importantly, all players are surely shocked when his Affinity Chart literally resets itself, being the only one that does this. His Kaizer Zone is crazy powerful and all and he is quite powerful himself once he awakens to this stronger version, but that reset is surely shocking.
PS: I don't think you can have a kingdom, considering your existence is connected to your Driver, but let's not tell him that... Not that he would listen. Like I said, a lot of Blades are straightforward like that.

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