Tuesday, February 20, 2018

War of Brains - Big Brother, The Ultimate Emperor

I've actually started playing Stardust Amazoness for the 3DS, as I wait for Xenoblade 2's update.

But aside from that, I just wanted to say how much I like this card.
This comes from the Digital TCG by Takara Tomy, War of Brains. While I would suggest this game to others, this is a Japanese-only app and thus you have to go to fairly great lengths to spend money in-game. In other words, you're likely not going to be able to actually buy new cards and will have to stock up the little currency you get for logging in each day and then buying them.
Also, the game freezes up a lot.

Oh, and I suck at the game, mainly because I don't have the resources (though this can sound like an excuse), so I usually don't win or even play matches.

But putting that aside, I wanted to show how cool I found this newly added card.

Cost: 24
HP: 1
ST: 0
-The cost of this card drops by 2 each turn your opponent takes
-When summoned, for every extra turn your opponent took, you gain 1 extra turn and summon 1 Little Brother.

Well, first of all, I love the concept. It is extremely unique.
You actually purposely give your opponent free turns in exchange for a turn-around at the end. As you may imagine, giving your opponent even one turn is dangerous enough. Meaning to make this Deck even work, you're going to really have to prepare.
...In other words, for someone like me that can't actually buy new cards at will, it is impossible to utilize efficiently.
But once you summon this card, you've practically won the game. But it is so hard to use this guy, that you deserve winning if you made it this far.
It's one of those cards that makes you really want to try and use.

Second, it's reference is interesting and it tries fairly well to match the "Big Brother" setting.
For instance, Big Brother himself has practically no stats. He has no attack power and the most minimum HP possible for a Unit.
Also, his voice is static-ed, as if he was talking from a screen and not in real person.

That said, the cards that give your opponent free turns doesn't seem to refer to 1984, so I guess it stops there. I'm not really sure if giving and taking away turns is a reference to Big Brother either.

Oh, and his BGM is cool too.
Game Changers, the highest rarity in this game, where only 1 of each can be put in a Deck, all have unique BGM that plays when they are summoned.

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