Friday, February 23, 2018

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-22 Unlocked Selector.

By the way, from the next release, a new series will start. In other words, it won't be WX-23 but instead starts back at 01, with a different abbreviation at the front.
Hmm... Anyways, as a collector, the only thing to do is to look forward to it, though I'm sure it won't be as bad as Yugioh and that link thingy a while back.

Also, starting from this booster pack, a few rule changes have been made to make the game process clearer... and also nerf some infinite loops?
Sadly, Umr also takes a fall from this change.

Anyways, 2 boxes as usual.

Overall, I am very satisfied by the results. I didn't really come in looking for any specific cards, but I guess I wanted Tawil/Umr-related ones.
As I will show later, it isn't really perfect perfect, but considering everything else, I can't really complain.

So first the LR/Secrets...
The Arts at the top-left is kinda meh... and I'm not really into muscular girls, but aside from that, the rest are great. Especially Umr's Lv4 and Cthulhu Abyss (bottom-left), which are both reasonably expensive. Also, Ann's new Lrig card (LC rarity) joins the "New Illustration of old Lrig Lv4s" slot for some reason.
Unlike last time, I wasn't able to get 1 of those cards in both slots, but at least I got Ann.
No particular comment on Aiyai. The higher the level her Lrig goes, the cuter she gets... but she's a hard Lrig to use, because it is so combo-focused.

I definitely wanted Tawil's Key card, but oh well. Using this Umr and Tawil's Key requires a whole new deck from the Ancient Weapons one that Umr currently uses anyways...

As you can see here, this is the difference between the normal LC version and the Secret version.
Man, I don't know why, but the pinkness of the Secret version just makes her that much cuter...

Next is the SR cards, which is the one part that prevents me from saying I was really lucky with the two boxes.
The reason? Because 3 of the LRs in each box were the same...
Yes, Apollosin (the 2nd from the left) is powerful and the most expensive of all SRs, but I can't really say the same about the two on the right. I do have a Dona deck, but I'm not really sure I want to put even 1 Nekomata in it...
I haven't really thought about Guzuko Lv5 yet.
That said, I did want Nopopon (top-left) just because of the cute illustration.
And yes, I do like the illustrations for Nekomata and Black Jack.
And yes, Urataro too.

And then comes the Parallels/Shiny.
Very, very happy with the results. For one thing, one of the boxes was a Shiny Box. So every booster pack had a Shiny.
(Some of these cards probably isn't "Shiny" but is holographic in general... The ones on the 2nd row)

Top Row-1st from Left is just yes for the sake of it.
Top Row-2nd from Left is drawn by the Assistant Producer.
Top Row-4th is pretty.

Top row-2nd is Alfou's (finally) new Signi
Bottom row-1st to 3rd are all new versions of Umr's old cards.

Top row-3rd is pretty.
Bottom row-2nd is drawn by the singer of WIXOSS Season 1 and 2
Bottom row-3rd is another Alfou card.

As for the other box, it was unfortunately(?) a normal box. Just five shinies, though I did get more shiny Alfou card.

In fact, I think I got the Parallel versions of all of the Alfou cards this booster pack...

BTW, this booster pack actually doesn't have as much variation in cards as the previous booster packs. As a result, I got a lot of copies of several Commons and probably at least 4 copies of all the Rares..
For instance...
Dang, and since stores don't buy, obviously, foreign cards, I can't even sell these off for a dollar or something.

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