Thursday, May 24, 2018

Xenoblade 2 Soundtrack Delivered!

Uoooohhhhhh!!! It's finally released! A whopping 6 CDs worth of the game's awesome music.
And dang, some cars only allow one CD at a time. Cars that can hold 6 CDs are gold with this thing, imagine driving long hours and going through the entire soundtrack without having to remove and replace the inserted CD.

And yes, shamefully, I was not able to buy the USB version. The CD version is honestly more usable for me, but you know, as a fan and all...
But at least I was able to get the deluxe CD version.

Images and a few thoughts below...

Let me just say I am very satisfied. Thank you, Monolith Soft. Thank you, Bandai Namco for selling the company. Thank you, Nintendo for buying the company. Thank you, Saitom for the great character designs. And thank everyone else involved.
BTW, I like playing Tiger Tiger.

6 CDs in three cases, two per case.
Pretty normal here, aside from the large amount of CDs and the premium music contained in them. (Yeah, that line kinda...)

Also comes with autographs of some of the staff. The one on the bottom-right is pretty funny, since it quotes Nanakoori and her line whenever you send her on a Mercenary Mission. In other words, idol training hell!
It is not as useful to me, but it also comes with the music sheet for one of the BGMs. I don't know the official English translation, but it's probably that one that is really good (which cannot be a hint for a good reason).

And most importantly, it comes with this relatively thick booklet, which really covers a lot of the staff and journey to developing Xenoblade 2. Man, it covers way more than I can read, giving you flowcharts of how music is created, scenes are made, etc. etc. Also comes with interviews.
You want to know more about the background of the game? This is a good read.

And it also comes with explanations on each BGM. All six discs.
Also, it gives the lyrics to the BGMs that are sung, such as the theme for Kingdom of Tantal.

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