Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Legend Mode Complete + Final Thoughts

As far as my impressions go, before I actually start, I will set aside the facts
-This game is the third(?) version the same thing
-That I consider the company that made this leeches who can only reuse the same Musou engine on different company IPs
-That I'm probably playing a lot of stuff that was sold extra as probably not-so-cheap priced DLC on the original version

Also, yes, there are still a lot of stuff to do to 100% the game, but I think I've played enough to be able to write my impressions.

BTW, as for gameplay time...
(And yes, I purposely scrolled down to also include my Xenoblade 2 playtime when taking this picture)

As for as Musou games goes, this is actually probably my first one. Because I don't really find that genre particularly interesting. And I probably wouldn't have bought this if it didn't advertise that it included all of the DLC in the previous games... and that it is Nintendo... and that the character selection isn't trash like another Nintendo Musou game.

Content size
So let me just say that, damn, there is a LOT, A LOT to do in this game. You have the story mode.
Then you have a Challenge mode. Then you have an Adventure mode.
Then you have this Pokemon thing with fairies... which I guess are cute enough...? for me to care to dress them and everything.
And you have achievements.

And then once you beat the Story/Legend mode, you unlock yet another difficulty level, along with new stuff unlocked in the previous stages

And in the character selections, after beating the game, you are pretty much told you can unlock about 10 more characters.

And you can customize/level-up each one.

And yes, I do feel some of this is repetitive and maybe difficulty to consider content, such as how all of the power-ups you can get pretty much have the same abilities and names as each other for every character. (At least change the names, instead of everyone getting Kikori Sword and etc?)
But there is enough unique content in general to say that you can really use up your time completing this thing 100%.
Phew... I knew there were unlockable characters and a Hard mode, but the amount + Hero mode took me by surprise.

And that is why you shouldn't just shut down your mind and go searching the web for information before you play a game. These types of surprises are... SURPRISES for a reason.

Nothing to really criticize here. Pretty good. Zelda is just one of those games where you can have more realistic character models and faces and still enjoy it. And they don't talk either (as in, voiced lines), so playing the localized version is not painful.
I forgive the narrations. All it does is narrate anyways.

And I might get a few wrong, but I think it is pretty easy to tell which are Zelda characters and which are original characters. It shows.

To be honest, unless something really stands out as good or bad, I don't have much to say here.
So I have nothing to say here.

I pray that Lana gets a Cia outfit, but I don't have my hopes up. For some reason, she is smaller and her breasts are smaller too despite being the same person.
...That is fine.

As I have never actually played Musou games before, I was kinda surprised that there was more depth to it than just running around and bulldozing enemies.
In fact, since all of the mob enemies are killed in, like, one hit, and any mid-level or boss enemies require one-on-one fighting, it actually didn't feel like I was bulldozing through much of the game.
Kinda like how you step and kill an ant without really thinking about how you stepped on it? You get the idea.
Managing multiple characters and handling different stuff across the map happening all at once was actually pretty interesting.

Then again, considering how many games they make with this engine, I guess you could expect it to be a well-done system by now.
Regardless, I do think it is pretty fun.
If you never buy another game of the same sort.

Corrupted dark-skin yandere trying to capture the protagonist? Sounds good to me.
Outside of that, it was really your typical good-vs-evil thing, so there isn't anything to really say. I'm perfectly fine with that, considering this isn't type of the game to be story-centric anyways and giving another company to write more than something typical for a game they are borrowing can be dangerous.
So stick with the simple stuff and no one gets hurt. Ganondorf being evil, and everyone else generally being brave and heroic.
I don't play enough Zelda games to remember, but I'm actually surprised that despite the enemy getting all of the Triforce multiple times, it wasn't so bad that the heroes could stop them and make everything well again. Maybe the Triforce isn't that awesome?

And I think I am out of things to say.
I'll give it a 9/10.
1. You don't have to worry about the leech trying to leech some more through DLC, because all of the DLC are in the game, supposedly.
2. It is a good game, putting aside the non-game stuff that I am "amused" by
3. It's Zelda (character-wise)

So yeah, definitely doesn't hurt to play. I would suggest trying it when you get the time, after already buying Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, and the other awesome games on the Switch. So it is one of those games you should play after completing the "Why have you not bought this game yet" games on the Switch.
2nd on the list.
Or however you call this position.

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