Sunday, June 24, 2018

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WXD-02 Full Scratch

...Yeah, if they do another anime, I think they should start from scratch. Get it? Scratch! Just like this pack's name! Hahahah *gets shot*

Anyways, same old same old 2 boxes. The fact that every booster pack comes with a shiny now makes it much more fun to open up, instead of just buying single cards.

For the SR/LR/Secret slots...

First, let me just say I actually let out a dry laugh when Aiyai Key took my Secret Slot. I like the illustrator's artstyle and all, but this is literally the 2nd cheapest Secret available in this pack.
And I want one of the LRIGs!
My second Secret turned out to be Archgain. Secret Signi are usually not the best to get, but for some reason, Secret Archgain is actually the most expensive Secret in this pack.
I want a LRIG!

For LR...
...Yeah. I know Golden Defense is good and it is worth a fair price, but I didn't need 2 of them...
L... LRIG...! No LRIGs!

On the other hand, for SR
I am actually pretty satisfied. I only got one double, so I got a lot of variety. For someone who only can play against himself and collect cards, variety is usually more important than getting multiple copies.
Also, Smithhand(sp?), the third one on the bottom picture, is pretty expensive. I've seen some people voice their confusion at why it is so costly.

All in all, there are hits and misses, but I feel I was more on the miss side this time. The main reason being getting the same LR and one bad Secret. Just one Remember or Tama would have made this a lot better...

And then for the Parallels...
Not bad, not bad. I wanted the Signi by Saisou, but alas...
And yeah, one of my Parallel turned out to be a Coin.

If I had to choose my favorites out of the Parallel, I would choose the below, BTW.
Top-left - keypot artwork is just cute
Top-middel - Butt
Top-right - In general
Bottom-left - Love the soft artstyle
Bottom-middle - Love the artstyle. While rioka's artwork can sometimes get... muddy? hard to see, it provides a good dark atmosphere
Bottom-right - Butt
Far-right - In general

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