Saturday, July 7, 2018

Nurse Love Addiction - Full Game Complete + Itsuki Route Thoughts + Final Impressions

Yeah, trying to balance out life and hobbies is hard, but I'm still alive.
So I finally got to sitting down and completing the remaining routes, all routes Good and Bad + the "Default" route that happens if you don't get into anyone's route.

And I wanted to just talk about my thoughts on the other three characters' routes. The default route isn't something worth talking about, because it really is just that. But since I also have images, I'm going to split them into three posts.
Oh, and spoilers alert (duh).

This one is other thoughts I had after completing the game + thoughts on Itsuki Route.

So first of all, on thoughts I had after completing the game, but as expected and a bit more, Itsuki and Sakuya's routes are connected to Nao's as all of theirs revolve around Asuka's past. I was left with a few questions at the end of Nao's route, but different mysteries throughout the game are solved in different routes. So stuff that were left unknown in Nao's route was addressed in other routes.
For instance, in Itsuki's route, you learn who sold Nao the drugs.
In Sakuya's route, you learn who stabbed Asuka.
And looking back, you can say that you learn the true mastermind of everything in Nao's route, though I did that one first.
On the other hand, Kaede's route is completed seperate from the others, with no fantasy aspect and pretty much only romance.

Itsuki Route
So in her route, it kinda branches out from Nao's, where you enter Itsuki's route if you don't realize that Nao is hiding something. I guess you can say this is the result of not spending enough time with her.
Anyways, in this route, you address Itsuki's admiration and attempt at becoming similar to the old Asuka, as well as the "laboratory" which turns out to be housing remnants of the old facility, but...

If you don't cooperate correctly, Itsuki fails to take down the "bad guy" and ends up dying in the process of finishing her off later.

Without a doubt, this is one of those most shocking ends I have seen in visual novel history just for how gruesome it is within this seemingly cute looking game. I mean, Nao's Bad End was surprising too, but that was surprising. This was just... WTF-ish.

Taking Itsuki's last wish a little too literally, Asuka seriously chops the dead Itsuki into pieces, stores them in the fridge in her room (she moved into Itsuki's room), and cooks them in her meals and eats it.
In other words, cannibalism. And yeah, below is Asuka eating a meal that has part of Itsuki in it while talking to an imaginary Itsuki.

On the other hand, the Good End is pretty normal. Itsuki successfully takes down the bad guy as intended in the first encounter, so she does not have to go pursue her again and get killed. So they are free to be lovey-dovey with each other and whatever.
It's not a surprise that there is less to say about a Good End, since everything is normal.

Oh, and in this world, marriage and romance between girls is perfectly normal. I'm serious, if I sound sarcastic.

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