Saturday, July 7, 2018

Nurse Love Addiction - Kaede Route Thoughts

And finally, Kaede's route.
Phew, that was long... But now the final stretch.

Kaede Route

So we finally get a route that acts like the game looks. In other words, romance. Not fantasy with reincarnations, supernatural powers, and the protagonist being a cannibal, but romance.
You do get a bit of Nao making dangerous statements, but that is probably the only thing hinting at the main story of the other three.

In Kaede's route, you learn more about her and her past and her ex-girlfriend, as well as the key item of the story, a resignation letter from her ex-girlfriend.
At one point, you open her letter and learn that actually it turns out to be a normal letter with the reasons on why her ex-girlfriend left her and information on how to get in contact with her. And you end up keeping the letter with you instead of giving it back because you are worried that Kaede will get back together with her old girlfriend if you tell her the truth.

The story climax comes when you have to make the choice of returning it to her or not.
It turns out that Kaede actually knew Asuka had the envelope and was waiting for her to return it by her own free will.

So needless to say, if you fail to do so, Kaede ends up taking the envelope back, reading it, and gets back with her old girlfriend.
Asuka, still wanting to somehow stay with Kaede, decides to be her sexfriend. And it seems that when Kaede feels stressed out, she uses Asuka as a way to release that stress.
...Well, isn't that normal! For once! Yeah, we still kinda went into the sex thing and all, but it is definitely saner than Sakuya/Itsuki's Bad. Since you actually get together in Nao's Bad (though the two are doing SM stuff), I'm actually not sure which is "better" here in that comparison.

BTW, the Bad End CG is actually a different version of the one below. The one below is the Good End version, while the Bad End version has Asuka with a tear in her eyes, as she asks for a kiss from Kaede and gets one, but she knows there is no love between them two.

And if you do return the letter, Kaede still contacts her ex-girlfriend, but she still stays with you.
And Asuka tries her best to be fitting to be Kaede's girlfriend and is actually probably the most academically successful in this route.
Well, that is normal and cute, isn't it.

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