Saturday, July 7, 2018

Nurse Love Addiction - Sakuya Route Thoughts

Continuing from the previous post, this one is on Sakuya's Route, Good and Bad.

Sakyua Route
So actually, what I found disturbing on Sakuya's route isn't her Bad End... But... Well, I'll get to that later.
Anyways, I finally find out who stabbed Asuka on the roof in this route.

I knew we were up for a switcharoo-type of thing when you learn that Sakuya had a twin sister, Kyouko, in this route, but I was actually still surprised at the truth.
I thought that perhaps Kyouko was possessing Sakuya or Kyouko is a split personality, but it turns out that the one that really died was Sakuya and Kyouko was saved when they transplanted Sakuya's organ(s) to save Kyouko during the fire. And apparently, Sakuya's soul is attached to her organs, so Sakuya is now inside of Kyouko.
I will be honest, despite accepting the fantasy setting with the supernatural abilities thing before, I was still a bit... surprised at this.

But anyways, in this route, you learn about Sakuya and Kyouko, and the story reaches its climax when Sakuya starts running out of time as Kyouko's organs (from Sakuya) start to fail. And you decide to propose to Sakuya/Kyouko at this point, in which who you choose determines the end you reach.

If you choose Sakuya, meaning you can't let go of Sakuya and ignore her last wish, Kyouko also ends up dying because you fail to convince her to go through with organ transplant.
And perhaps Asuka is in denial, but she decides to still hold the fake marriage ceremony.
...With Sakuya/Kyouko's corpse.
Although this is kinda spooky, compared to Itsuki's route, this is at least a bit tamer in insanity. And also kinda understandable.

BTW, you have a fake marriage ceremony in both the Good and Bad End, but the CG is pretty much the same, the one below.

Finally, if you choose Kyouko, you accept Sakuya's fate and convince Kyouko to go through the organ transplant. Both Kyouko and Asuka loves Sakuya, but they also respect her wishes for them to take care of each other after she disappears. I guess you can say the Bad End is selfish love while the Good End is... good love?
Now, I know this is the "Good" End, but this "Good End" is actually more disturbing than the Bad End.

So apparently, Kyouko and Asuka have a child together (yes, it is possible, and in this game's world, the technology has been perfected).
And Sakuya's soul reincarnates as their child. With her original memories. So you literally have a kid with the personality and memories of Sakuya, and now she is the physical child of her twin sister and ex-lover.
That is actually pretty messed.

BTW, I think Sakuya suffers in every route. She disappears (and reincarnates) in her route, and in every other route, she ends up quitting school for the year due to house issues.
Like, you could almost say that the "default" route is the happiest because nothing happens to her.

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