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Nurse Love Addiction - Nao Route Complete + Thoughts

For obvious reasons, there will be spoilers. But hey, this is technically an old game.
And there as all visual novels are generally the same, there isn't anything to really say about the non-story related stuff like UI, unless something really stands out.
But anyways, finished Nao's route, both Good and Bad Ends, so I wanted to put down some thoughts.

Oh, but I will leave two CGs at the very beginning of the Read More before saying anything, if you want motivation to play the game but not be spoiled by its story but is willing to get an idea of what happens in the game.
Oh, and I think you can get the translated version on Steam.

Yeah, imagine going from the very top screen image... to these two. That really escalated things.

Anyways, the advertised phrase or theme of this game is so not true. I mean, it is kinda true, but I spent at least half of the game worried I wasn't going to get killed (in-game, of course). So something clearly isn't so happy-go-lucky about the game's content.

But that just makes it so much better.
So I came into playing the game without knowing anything about the game, except that it is Yuri. And after taking a look at all the characters, I decided to go with Nao. Why? Because Yuri isn't enough. We need incest + yuri. Now we are talking business.

The only "problem" is that once you play through... I don't know, maybe an hour? into the game, I could clearly tell that the younger sister is hiding some dark secret. Maybe it just comes from years of experience, but characters that are obsessively kind to another character usually aren't perfectly sane. Yes, there are anime that do cheap, comedic scenes involving these types of characters and thus you start to think less about it, but let's put those aside.

Anyways, the farther I went through the game, the scarier it got. Because it got more and more obvious that Nao was doing some bad things behind the scene.
Now, me being me, I actually expected "worse", though if you think about it normally, she pretty much NTR-ed the protagonist and kept her under her control for many years. So yeah...
I mean, she clearly loves her, enough to sacrifice her powers to save her, but it is clearly a dangerous obsession.

So while we are on the power part, that is definitely the most befuddling? part of the story.
Apparently, some people in this game's world has a level of supernatural abilities. Nothing X-Men and all, but Nao has the ability to do stuff like erase memories and heal people.

There was adequate foreshadowing. But because I thought this was a normal world, I still had a bit of resistance towards this development. Still, it makes sense, and apparently, the previous game also had the same setting, so I guess that just is the way it is.

Back to Nao though, but she wasn't "as" bad as I expected. For instance, I thought she was the one that stabbed the protagonist, but she wasn't. So she wasn't "yandere", which actually might be rare (rare that she isn't yandere) for this type of character.
BTW, they never cover the identity of that person. I guess that was the only clear "bad" part of the story.

But anyways, we start with the protagonist trying to be a nurse and then we transition to a story about the protagonist's past and the sister's true face, and what do we know, the time comes for the fateful decision on whether you get a Good or Bad end. Thankfully, (I think) only one decision at the very end determines Good or Bad, so it is easy to get both once you enter the route.

Now, the Good End is good, but the Bad End definitely stood out to me. And this type of stuff? Where in the route of the crazy person, the sane protagonist ends up getting wonky too? This is my cup of tea, so I like it a lot and spent a bit of time imagining the afterwards of this scene. Yeah, good stuff.
But the difference between the Good and End is quite understandable, acceptable. In other words, I think the story was well written. The impact a story leaves depends on how much you can get invested in the story. And to do that, the story has to make sense. Furthermore, it should be the type of "make sense" where you can piece most of the puzzle with the story alone and not just inside your head.
So when you forgive Nao, the fact you never really brought closure to the conflict ended up causing her to still want to punish herself for what she did. Which is delivered to her when the protagonist hurts her. Which develops into a pretty twisted (but exciting... to me) relationship of S&M.
Asuka also looks kinda... not normal in the final CG too, which makes it all that much better. As in, her expression. Yeah, the fact she's about the strangle Nao is abnormal too, but that is more normal in this situation.

As far as the Good End goes, the couple flirting with each other and kissing each other and Asuka trying to go a bit further... inside a hospital. Normal.
And through your decisions up until now, Asuka decides to stay with Nao instead of going back to Sakuya.
To be honest, Asuka's relationship with Sakuya happened when they were kids. I don't really feel that much weight on the situation because of that. I mean, cool, we liked each other when we were kids. That doesn't mean I would feel or want it to be the same now that we are grown up, right?

Oh, and Nao's route focuses more on supernatural powers and Nao being evil behind Asuka's back, so the nurse part of the setting takes a backseat once you enter Nao's route. I think this might be the case for most of the routes though, as the nursing part is something that prepares the setting and let's you understand the characters, but it is not the main main topic of the game.
It was still interesting though, and stuff like the parts with Yuki were pretty surprising to me, and I enjoyed that too. I don't think it taking a backseat is a bad thing nor do I think that doing so spoils that part of the setting.

Oh, and I liked the BGM. Generally smoothing, just like the atmosphere of the game. And one of the good parts of these types of games is that the protagonist actually talks and has a personality, unlike those galge where the user is the protagonist. Really helps in liking the protagonist, which usually is important in enjoying the game too.

Finally, on a less important note, the title screen is called by the character of the last route you completed. Except that it seems there is a voice for both the bad end and good end.
In other words, after clearing the bad end, Nao announces the title half-moaning.
I laughed.

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