Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enterbrain and Famitsu: How they just love Sony (new occurance)

I haven't really found the time to write any articles, but I happened to come about an article on Famitsu.
And you know, it's pretty interesting too. But then you remember Sony and how they love Stealth Marketing.
N-nah, surely there is no favoritism in these GRAPHS:

Look very carefully.
For some reason, the y-axis for the Nintendo graph is done properly, starting from 0 and going past the launch week's sales, BUT Sony's graph cuts at 100,000.
And Famitsu's article says that with the release of games like Senran Kagura and Soul Sacrifice, the Vita almost sold as much as the launch week.

...Well YEAH, if someone took a look at the graph, they could see the peak near the right is somewhat close to the starting left of the graph.
But then you see the small numbers, 321000.
Now here is an edit to make the Sony graph more fairly represented (on the left):

And we must all agree with Famitsu, right? That the peak on the right is close to the starting left of the graph.

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