Monday, April 1, 2013

Rune Factory 4 Review(?)

I can't really say "Rune Factory 4 Finished" because not only is there no end, but I haven't married yet. I plan to do so after I go through all of the heroine marriage events and get their cutscene, but I have only gotten two.
And yes, you can date all of the heroine at the same time.
And I always thought Kohaku's eyes on the cover looked weird.

Anyways, the system is definitely an improvement from Rune Factory 3. For instance, you have a little fertilizer thing that restores the health of your land automatically if you insert grass. You can expand your farm and rooms a lot more and you can get plenty of space for items.
The Order system isn't bad, but it is a bit "grind"-ing-ish.
On the battle side, you have more types of equipment and it is deeper, though this isn't the type of game I care to get too deep into that type of stuff.
The story is long, but it is better than the previous game's. For some reason, you can't marry the true main heroine of the game though... There are plenty of side-events for characters.

So in general, if you liked the system of the previous game, this one will delight you even better.
I guess one of the main things I didn't care for that was added was your own shop, which honestly used too much game time for very little extra profit.

Also, there are some noticeable problems. Some of the 3D are off.
And there is a glitch that permanently freezes your process in the game. It is a glitch that occurs when time is skipped by an event combines with a date day, so you just have to watch out for that. It isn't very easy to activate, so as long as you keep that in mind, you usually will be fine.

Also, the characters are not as attractive as the previous game. I don't know, maybe too normal?
Also, because the game was split into male and female protagonist, there are less heroines in this game, though I don't really mind that so much (still plenty).

Kohaku - Probably my favorite. Mainly because she says/does some weird things all the time.
And that's a good thing.

 Knight character. Pervert.

Tsundere. Kuroko follows her around. 2nd favorite.


Not really much to say. She is pretty loud in battle though. And actually, one of her relatives is......

 ...Not really sure what to say. Unique speech pattern?

And here are some other images from the game, with descriptions:

Me with a befriended monster following me around:

Affection chart 1:

Affection chart 2:

Affection chart 3

Affection chart 4

In the field (the pot on the right is the fertilizer thing)

Monsters in the barn

Good ol' milk-giving cows, fur-giving sheeps, and egg-laying chickens


Order screen

 Bonus dungeons (needed for the higher level recipes)

Kohaku's marriage event cutscene

Dorche's marriage event cutscene

 Item Screen

 Status Screen

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