Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl will include a remake of Etrian Odyssey 1! And more...!

It seems that Millennium Girl will have two modes available!
One where you play as the certain characters already introduced and follow their story.
And the other mode is a remake of Etrian Odyssey 1, where you create your own characters and follow a different adventure. 

You can of course do both at the same time and have a save file for both adventures!
This also means that people who have never played 1 will be able to get into the series and understand what was going on in Etrian Odyssey 1, which is the setting of the other adventure as well!

Now let's hope they fix the bugs/glitches in the original game...

The second image below says that there will be two BGM modes and three difficulties (Picnic - Where certain items are infinite, Standard, and Expert - Where enemies do more damage).

The third image talks about a new system, Grimoires! You can get them by chance after using "Grimoire Chance" in battle. They allow characters to use the skills of other classes, it seems?
There are skills from enemies too!

Image below:

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