Sunday, August 11, 2013

Etrian Odyssey 3 : Armoroad Route completed

 Did you know Frederica appeared in a previous game before Untold?

 Well, on a more serious point, just a coincidence, but I still found that funny.

Anyways, finally beat 1 route. I chose Armoroad first because Shogun was always easier to use than the Android.
It has been a long time since I played, but now that I played this again, I somewhat feel that actually some of 3 is better than 4. The dungeons are more complicated and require quite the puzzling, and there are enemies (bosses) with some very interesting special drop methods. For instance, you have to win 1 on 1 with the first boss. Manticore requires you to do 5000+ damage when killing it.
And there are plenty of enemies that have not had a reappearance yet in 4 or Untold.

 And how many people still remember the NPC? There are actually quite a number, but well, the ones with graphics generally all meet an unfortunate......................

I wish there was an Android model (I mean, character type, not the phone) based off Olympia.

And anyways, here is my party at time of victory over "The Immortal and Mechanical King (Automaton King, in English version)" and "Olympia".

Mainly just supporting by Def and Atk buffs. I was supposed to use Shock Guard against their combo attack, but I forgot and was half-decimated...
Oh, and the King has an attack that removes your buffs and does great damage. That really hurt.

Charge -> Nine Smash
Charge -> Nine Smash

Sub-Beast King (Wilding?)'s Confusion summon left the King confused for like 4 or 5 turns... as I finished off his servant.
That same beast is really useful, because it can confuse all of the enemies and prevent them from using any skills.

Healing and spells. Sometimes, I end up needing to heal so much, I can't find an opportunity to attack...
Elemental Charge -> Elemental Limit skill = quick way of finishing off FOEs

Shogun's  Ikkitousen in the back row for safety.
Her Pop Flares also supported Warrior's Nine Smash's very low accuracy. (And powers up the King's Liberation attack, unfortunately).
Her Snipe (hits all status ailment enemies at end of turn) worked surprisingly well with Beast King's party-targeting summons.

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