Thursday, August 15, 2013

Etrian Odyssey 3 : Deep City Route completed

 How many people remember these NPC?

 And if you look carefully or watch a video and pause when there is no window, you can see that the Hexer/Curse Maker NPC is covering wa~~~y too little on the bottom half of her body. Or you can look for the official artbook version, which is even more obvious.


 My party was a Shogun Chase party for this playthrough. It focuses purely on using Shogun's Ikkitousen. Ikkitousen is one of the most if not the most devastating Chase-type moves in EQ history, as it chases after every single attack that does damage and continues to chase 100% of the time no matter how many times it has chased already. On top of that, the power of this skill is pretty high. While the user's DEF greatly drops, Shogun has a passive skill that keeps them alive once.

The characters using Ikkitousen can be any main class, but either Sub or Main has to be Shogun.
Warrior/Shogun allows Warrior's class ability to boost every physical attack.
Shogun/Zodiac uses Zodiac's passive skill that boosts damage when attacking the weakness to gain even more power than Warrior/Shogun.

The triggers are all Shogun/Pirates. Shogun's class ability allows them to attack twice by equipping two weapons.
Pirate's passive ability can make a normal attack occur up to 4 times. Each of these times are chased by Ikkitousen. At best, one Shogun/Pirate can attack up to 8 times at once.
My party has two triggers and two Ikkitousen users, meaning at best, Ikkitousen can activate 16 times in one turn.
And as you can see, true to this party's theme, none of them have armor. Just accessories to increase their strength, speed, or accuracy. The Katanas are Slash, Guns are Stab, and Mace is Strike, giving me all three physical elements. I chose weapons that all have open spaces, allowing me to add an element as I needed.
On top of that, because of one of the Pirate's passive skills increase the Limit bar faster and attacking many times increases the amount a Limit bar increases, I can usually fill up a Shogun/Pirate's Limit meter in two turns.

Then my last character is a Phalanx, the guard. Taunt attracts all of the attacks and the elemental shields protects the party from elemental attacks. Very high HP and defense.
Even though this party has very high attack power, against FOEs and Bosses, it still is hard to take them out in one turn, so Limit skills and Phalanx bides the time needed to take the enemy out.
I was able to take out Alraune (the flower boss) almost 10 levels earlier than my first playthrough's party with this party.

And surprisingly gender-balanced party too.

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