Monday, August 5, 2013

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There is still plenty of time before new games on the 3DS come out, so I decided to replay a game I once played and did not 100% complete on. But I actually bought a new one. Because I did not want to erase my old file and I had the English version, so I decided to buy the JP version this time.
And you know what? When I checked later, I couldn't even find my English version... Did I sell it?

And I switched the item for taking pictures from a iPhone to a camera. Reason why the pics look a bit different now?

Etrian Odyssey 3 : Best Collection!
Best Collection, so it is cheaper than the original. I never 100% EQ2 either, BTW. I'll think about that later.
Unlike the English version, you can enjoy the characters in their original speech patterns, such as Napier's Horo-ish pattern or the Bar's Katakana.
Also, the Japanese names of various FOEs/Bosses have always been cooler in Japanese. The English names do translate well and it is impracticable to directly translate the names (too long), so I don't think the translation staff did a bad job or anything though.

And boy, is it nostalgic. For instance, the enemies are all on one row. Since EQ4, the enemies have also had two rows.
Also, the sub-class system in this game practically allowed classes to get masteries of skills in their sub-class. In EQ4, there was a limit to half of that skill. Which is a lot more balanced. The only thing you cannot get from EQ3's sub-classes were the class-limited skills (1 for each class).
And of course, the sea exploration.

I always liked the Princess' design. Really flashy.

Anyways, my party for the game (at least, what I plan to use):
Also, because this game has a Common Skill that allows characters in the Guild to gain experience without entering the labyrinth, I made characters for each class and went ahead and gave them that skill.

Princess (Healer, Support, Plan to Sub-Phalanx):

Warrior (Physical Attacker, Plan to Sub-Pirate for Chase skills):

Zodiac (Elemental Attacker):

Farmer (Support, EXP+, Plan to sub-Beast King to use the Farmer's LUC):

Ballista (Attacker):

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