Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yugioh ZEXAL Gekitotsu: Duel Carnival Overview

Overview? Review?
Anyways, something of the sort for the game.

 So in general, it is a good game to get if you just want to play Yugioh. Don't have to spend real money getting cards, don't need to find people, and don't need to grind because you start out with all cards and 3 copies of each.
There are three difficulties, which affects both free and story mode. The hardest difficulty has a whole lot of Mirror Force and all of those evil traps...
AI speed is good. At longest, not that long.
AI stupidity is more or less still there though. Can't help it though.

Present Code:
By typing in passwords, you unlock different stuff, like duel mats and card covers. You can also get cards and deck recipes. Also, there is one to unlock the free-for-all-no-forbidden list (only playable on highest difficulty).

Basic stuff. You get to see duelist profiles (helps if you don't watch the anime), listen to BGM, rewatch endings, and look at CGs.

Free Mode:
You get to duel with every character. You can choose their decks. Defeating a trainer and all of his decks usually unlocks something, like a duel mat or card protector.
"You" are Tag Force's player character, BTW.

 Duel Device:
 Just use a calculator.

Story Mode:
You just pick a character and fight. You complete three heart pieces (each made of 3 pieces) and to complete each piece, there is an event fight (that is with a specific character, for each character you play as)
Depending on the character you choose, you play with certain decks. Rather, you have certain cards. You can only use any card when you play with the Player character. However, you do have access to the cards from Present Codes. There is a code for a whole Lightsworn deck, BTW. Can use that if the character is too hard to use...

Battle Screen:
Every character makes expressions, but only major characters have voices and talk in-duel.

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