Thursday, January 9, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Rajang

The Super Saiyan monkey of Monster Hunter. Recently, hunters have begun to massacre these creatures!
Why?! Because of what is called "Right Ra"
What is that?

Well, like you see in this picture above, Rajang is on the right. In this quest, you will fight two monsters. Upon completion, you will get reward equal or greater than that of Rajang's single quest.
AT THE SAME TIME, the type of weapons and armor will be of the Left monster. Normally if you do a Kukku quest, for instance, winning will only give like 4-5 things, of crappy quality. But if you defeat Kukku in a Kukku Rajang quest, you get lots of stuff at high quality OF Kukku type.

Here is what you need to know about that monkey.

First of all, other than Ice, the other elements practically have no effect on this guy. His weak point is his head, but his butt is also comparatively soft and safe. Holes will only work when he is angry, but it lasts a very long time if he gets caught.
And let me just say, but he is vicious. Very fast, very powerful.
By destroying BOTH horns, you can get special materials. However, despite his relatively low HP, his horns are very hard to break. It doesn't help that his giant arms guard it. 
When he is angry and you ride him, sometimes he will move so much and roar so much that it becomes practically impossible to succeed the riding.

Anyways, here are his attacks:

Beam: An Infinite range beam straight forward. It looks like electric, but it has no element

Drop-down Beam: He raises his body straight towards the sky before dropping down and shooting his beam forward. Far more used than his regular motion beam.
VERY VERY dangerous. Power aside, this becomes a very dangerous move when you have allies. This is because you don't know who he is targeting until he brings his body down. It is very easy to dodge INTO the beam because you thought you were the target and the guy beside you was the actual target.
It is very safe behind him and easy to dodge if you are next to him, attacking him. Be careful not to be below him though, as his arms will cause damage and knock you back if it hits you while he drops his body down.
If he suddenly moves away from your party, there is a high chance he will follow-up with this.

Jump-Back Breath Ball: Jumps back while shooting vertically a ball of electricity. Unlike the breath, this does have an element true to its appearance. To be honest, it rarely makes its mark and only dangerous to an extent towards Gunners that happen to be behind the target of this attack.

Arm Sweep: Sweeps his giant arms left and right while moving forward. Another one of his most noticeable attacks. If you are around the middle towards him and have not boosted your evasion distance, sometimes it is actually safer to dodge towards him and go under him.

Take-down: He charges at you. There are two types. One where he rushes straight and tries to bash you with his horns. The other one is one where he moves in zig-zags and tries to run you over. Be careful, because when he nears you, he goes one way, the other, and stays on that other side instead of rotating sides.

Spin Punch: Spins around with a punch. Sometimes will use over and over again. Probably the biggest reason people get killed when they get hit by this after recovering from another attack. Because Rajang moves forward while punching in a wide circle around him, this attack has a surprising range that is difficult to dodge correctly.

Aerial Assault: He jumps back, jumps up, spins a little, and comes down. Easy enough to dodge if you pay attention.

Punch Ground -> Throws Object: He slams his fist into the ground, pulls out something (that changes appearance depending on the terrain), and throws it. The object is very long horizontally, so unless you have Evasion+3, it might be difficult trying to dodge through the object.
While it rarely hits, the punch itself will cause damage. Big damage. AND 100% stun. Followed by the object will mean death.

Power-Up: A very annoying and powerful boost. He screams towards the sky while pounding himself, hardening his arms with electricity. In this mode, his arms are practically impossible to strike. Melee weapon are bounced back while ranged attacks are absorbed. Only piercing shots can go right through. This is very annoying because of how big his arms are and how he tends to flail them around whenever he is down, other than paralysis.
Furthermore, if you get hit by his arms in this mode, the way you fly will be very horizontal. If you hit a way, you will also bounce slightly in an "amusing" manner. As interesting as it is, this will lead you worse off for another strike.
Also, it is dangerous to be caught in his scream towards the sky as he sometimes follows it up immediately with an attack.

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