Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (1/29/14)

Snow here where I am. Been a while since I've seen snow pile up...

Anyways, the last week of Jan. I'm still busy playing Monster Hunter, but I have used PokeMover to move all of the competitive Pokemon I want into XY.
Nothing to exciting, though plenty of new games for the Sony consoles.

-But for some reason, the Sony consoles don't really see a raise. Happens all the time to their consoles. Soft : Hard sales never follow a pattern, for some reason.

-Anyways, on the Nintendo side, Attack on Titans comes back for some reason near the top. Puzzle & Dragon and Kirby stay strong.

-XBOX game appears on the list!

-Sengoku Basara 4 is at the top with a first week of 170,000
Basara 3 on the PS3 was 209,312, while Wii's version was 54,601
Mm... A somewhat decrease? It depends if you want to add PS3 and Wii together when comparing 3 and 4.

-Saints Row 4 actually came out outside of Japan first.

-Dragonball Z... mm... Well, can't say good results? The highest a PS3 Dragonball game sold for the first week was 60,000+. By itself, the new game (PS3) is only half. But if you add the Vita version, it is close?
Either way, it is BandaiNamco, so they can go rot in a grave.

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