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Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Diary 4

Anyways, after slowly getting the most recent weapons/armors by saving up money, I'm finally ready for the 5th Stratos boss.
So here is the article for the 4th Stratos. As always, very beautiful atmosphere and BGM.

One thing to note is that at this Stratos, you will be able to obtain the key to enter the secret areas of Stratos 1 and 2. Also, while you can technically have done this any time before now, thanks to the increasing selling value of items and your level, you will be able to obtain the ultimate weapons/armor for a couple of classes. For instance, the strongest bow, the strongest armor for Fafnir.
Needless to say, it will make defeating the FOEs and bosses much easier, as long as you have the patience to marathon for money.

Floor 16:
The gimmick in this floor is that every two areas are "combined" with one FOE. The FOE can be lured to the other side, making it possible to travel to the side it left without fighting it. However... (See FOEs)

Floor 17:
I guess you can say it introduces the hole gimmick. Similar to the Ice Cube gimmick or the Fire gimmick, you can/need to use it to get past the FOEs without fighting it. A FOE-centered floor, the FOE will charge in a line at you (like the stone boar in New 1), but if you lure it to charging into a hole, it falls through and dies.

 Floor 18:
On this floor, you have to watch the FOE's unusual movement and avoid it/lure it into a hole in order to get past it without fighting it. However, it is probably one of the FOEs you can actually defeat when you just get to it.

 19th Floor:
Finally, the last gimmick for the map is the traveling platforms that people who have played Etrian Odyssey are familiar to. Traveling back and forth, in different directions, all of that good stuff.

20th Floor:
Of course, the last floor puts everything together. Two nests for the 16th Floor's FOE. 17th and 18th positioned so you can lure them the right way. The 19th Floor's FOE flying around as always.
During battle with the Boss and when it uses a certain move, the two 16th Floor FOEs nearby will start moving to enter battle, so it would be wise, like with the Manticore, to get rid of them before battle.

The Light Bird that Calls Destruction
1. Null damage to entire party
In general, all it really does is Charge -> 1. Occasionally it attacks with its basic attack, but that is hardly a threat. Thanks to its attack pattern, if you bring along the flash bomb items that cancels a charging enemy, you can very, very easily take it out when you first encounter it. Of course, make sure you bring enough and don't run out.
Movement: None (Changes direction every 3 steps) -> Chase (1 step per step, if player gets within a 5 x 3 mass in front of it)
When you leave the room it is in, it will go to the nearest nest and be there even if you re-enter the dungeon.

The Charging Rhinoceros Horn
1. Pierce Stab
2. Bind Recovery + HP Recovery + Atk Boost
As his appearance might tell, a lot of brute force............ but then you see his 2nd skill.
1 is a Head move and his Rare Drop is defeating him with a Head Bind, but when you bind his head, he will use 2, which doesn't seem to depend on any part. So if you want his Rare Drop, you will need to take him out quickly after binding him. Since binding his head to stop 1 is not a good answer, you will need to find a way to survive his attacks.
Movement: None -> Charges all the way to the end of the path in 1 step after entering alert when you enter his line (horizontal/vertical), then after a step of rest, returns to his original position the next step
Rare Drop: Defeat with Head Bind

 The Rushing Giant Frog
1. Spread Bash attack
As you can see, the FOE itself isn't that scary. It does not have the power of the Rhino either.
But on the 1st turn, it will summon 4 (2 in Front, 2 in Back) Cursing Frogs.
Movement: None -> Enters pursuit mode when room is entered (moves 2 step for 1 step, rests the next step)

Cursing Frog
1. Stab + Curse on 1 target
Summoned by the Rushing Giant Frog, it doesn't have much power, but it will constantly try to curse its target. After you take out the summoned 4, no more will be summoned.

 The Angering Bird of Prey
1. Slash + Blind on entire party
2. Slash on 1 target
From EO4, it moves around the map and never enters pursuit. However, it moves really fast on its route.
Both 1 and 2 deal heavy damage, with 2 dealing especially heavy damage. On top of that, 1 blinds your party. However, it is weak to Stab, so the Ranger (along with the strongest bow) will be very useful here.
Movement: Patrol (3 step per step), disappears when it reaches a certain mass and reappears on a certain mass.

1. Slash + Paralysis on random targets 2 times
2. Slash + Blind on entire party
3. Slash + full Bind on random targets (number of hits increases per use)
4. Terror on entire party
5. Resistance to Status + Bind Decrease on entire party

Attack Pattern (to a point)
(1) 4 Basic 2 Basic 3 (Go to (2))
(2) 4 2 Basic 2 3 (Go to (1))
After 1st use of 5:
(3) 4 2 1 2 Basic
After 2nd use of 5:
3 Then (Go to (1))

Is what I hear is the attack pattern.
Anyways, because of how 3 works, you really want to take the boss out as fast as possible. She uses both status ailments and binds, so it will be hard to prevent both from happening. Bringing along recovery items or eating the meal that makes recovery of bad status ailments/binds faster are examples of how to reduce casualties.
4 is certain to be used on the first turn, so having the Princess cast her Order on the entire party (Force Boost) or having the Doctor Magus use its barrier skill are a couple of ways for the Story party to repel the attack.
5 is used as her HP drops, seemingly at 80% and 30%?

Rare Drop: Defeat with Head Bind

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