Thursday, January 8, 2015

Game Sales of the Week (Christmas Week~1/4/15)

Since 4Gamer posted the two weeks one day after the other, I thought it would probably be simple to just put both weeks in one post...
...And I forgot to make the post... orz
Anyways, quite late, but...

PS: At the Stratus 5 boss, but haven't beaten yet

The first week: 12/22/14~12/28/14
The second week: 12/29/14~1/4/15

Well, more or less the predicted results.
-Software-wise, the popular games all returned to the top. Youkai Watch, Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart.
Near the bottom, Mario Kart 7 (!?), Kirby, Attack on Titan also return to the list.
A couple of new games on the list, but nothing in particular that is worth mentioning.

Not that anyone doubted it, but the 3DS obliterates everything, almost reaching 200,000 during Christmas week. WiiU also sees a boost, but not as strong as last year.
Of course, every other console sees a boost too.
Interestingly, WiiU > PS4 for 1 week and the opposite way for the next. It would be cruel to compare handhelds, so...

And surprisingly, despite two weeks in one post, there really isn't much to say. Mainly because everything is pretty much expected, and there are no new games to compare.

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