Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Game Sales of the Week (1/28/15)

Finally a week where something actually happens. Oh, and yeah, Bandai Namco does it again with the new Tales game. Really, when will the consumers learn BanNam only sees them as suckers?

-As expected, but the new Tales game is number 1, with 340,000+.
For first week,
Vesperia: 227,000+
Graces F: 219,000+
Xillia: 512,000+
Xillia2: 331,000+

 Compared to Vesperia, Xillia did revive the series slightly, but because of Xillia's poor quality(?), Xillia2 only did around 300,000. It seems like the Zestiria stays around the link of Xillia 2, but... Well, as you might have heard, BanNam managed to cause some good outrage among fans, so I'm not sure what will happen on the 2nd week. There are always a select group of fools that continue to buy the series, so can't say how this will all affect the next game, but well, can't say Tales is exactly... prospering....

-Number 2 is another game that got a surprising amount of fame among the gaming community. I'm surprised how many people cared about it, but true to it, the completely new series does over 50,000.
Not only does this beat all of the games Furyu has ever released so far in their first week, it seems to have... beaten all of the games in their TOTAL sales too. The highest in total seems to be Doraemon's 3DS game at around 51,000.
Once I finish with Etrian Odyssey, I'm thinking about buying it.

-3rd is Kirby: Super Rainbow with 30,000.
Triple Deluxe released last year was around 220,000 for its first week. Kirby Wii was around 140,000 while Yarn Kirby was around 109,000.
I don't think there has been any Kirby games on the WiiU yet, so there is no comparison for the same console.
Hmm... Nn...

-And that should be all of the interesting stuff. A few other new games, like Lego + Marvel, another Atelier game, and... something.

-Hardware-wise, as always, cool-down for every console during this period, so nothing special to notice.

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