Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Game Sales of the Week (2/4/15)
A little bit of this and that this week.

A bit less than two weeks before Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate comes out in the US!
I want to get some articles done before then...

-Yes, there are new games this week, but the most interesting part if, of course, the 2nd week of Tales. If you have followed the whole wildfire caused by Bandai Namco and their blind love of money and nothing else, you might have foreseen it, but the 2nd week came out with almost 30,000.
I am surprised there were so many fools, but well, this still barely, barely beats Xillia's Niagara Fall in dropping from first to second week.
In other words, very bad 2nd week.

-On the top of the list is Devil Survivor 2: Break Code with 52,000+
Considering Devil Survivor 2 did 62,000+, this seems to be pretty good for a... updated version? Not sure, don't follow this series.

-Ace Combat......... I don't care, it is Bandai Namco.

-Other than that, a couple of PS3/PS4 multis, Otome game, some... thing (Samurai?), and Yowamushi Pedal's 3DS game. As far as Pedal goes, I think it did good for an anime game on the 3DS, but it is Bandai Namco...

-Legend of Legacy's 2nd week is... OK? I'm interested in how much it will grow. New series like these are hard to predict or compare...

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