Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monster Hunter 4G: My Current Best Excavated Weapons

Just some screenshots of my best excavated weapons so far. I have others too, but I chose some main ones to pickup on.


Pretty much as good as it gets. The only thing missing out is a 3rd slot.

Purple 40 + 3 Slots is very good. Raw is satisfactory, but there is far higher.

Purple 40 + Edgemaster 2 Slot. 2nd to highest Raw isn't bad, though the elemental number is pretty low

Max Sharpness + 3 Slots. 3rd best Raw power that comes with a higher than normal crit percent

 Shield and Sword

Highest Raw + Max Sharpness + 3 Slot. Pretty much as good as it gets. I would have preferred Ice over Water though...

Highest Raw + Purple 40. Only 1 slot, so it isn't Rare 10, but pretty close enough to best.

Dual Sword:

Highest Raw + Purple 40. Another Water weapon and 2 slots, but pretty close to best.


Highest Raw + Purple 40. There is garbage in the slots, but other than that, the rest is close to best.

Hunting Horn:
Highest Raw + Purple 40 + Red and Light Blue music. Garbage is in the slots, but I guess it can be an excuse to use the Zero Suits armor.


2nd to highest Raw + Max Sharpness + 2 slots. Of course 3 slots would be better, but pretty good enough. Because the 2nd highest raw gives a 50 Defense bonus + the innate Lance defense bonus, you get a whopping +85...

Purple 40. While low, the element is a preferred Ice. The Raw is so-so. Not that great, but I like it.

Purple 20 + Highest Raw. While there is only 20 purple, this is my only highest Raw lance that has 20 or more purple. For softer monsters, the highest Raw stands out pretty far from the other possible attack powers.


Max Sharpness. I haven't boosted it to level 4, but it would say Defense + 50 instead of +5.

Slash Axe:

Purple 40 + Dragon element + 2nd best Raw. My only good Purple 40 Slash Axe...

Highest Raw + Dancer 5 slot. Only Purple 20, but the Raw is the highest possible. Having Dancer 5 as its slot also opens up the possibility of using the Dancer skill... though for close-range weapons, the attack boost part of the skill is meh..

Charge Axe:

Max Sharpness + Highest Raw + 3 Slots. Pretty much as good as it gets

Purple 40 + Highest Raw + 3 Slots. Pretty much the Purple 40 version of the above. The element (Blast) is the same too, amusingly...

Purple 40 + 3 Slots. Raw is so-so, but the rest is pretty good. The element (Paralysis) is as high as possible, which is a plus too.
 Insect Glaive:

Highest Raw + Highest Element (Paralysis). Honestly don't have much luck with Insect Glaives. Gets all sucked up by Charge Axes... Only Purple 20 and trash in the slots, but everything else is top.

Not that great, but for honorable mention. Needs awaken, but it has the highest element (paralysis) possible for Awaken elements in Insect Glaives + Purple 40 + 2 Slots.

Light Bowgun:

Highest Raw + Best Bullet set available. You get plenty of Normal and Pierce bullets for every level, making it perfect for Limit Removing. Only 1 slot, so it is Rare 9, but beggars can't be choosers, eh?

Heavy Bowgun:

This actually isn't the best possible and I do have one with the best possible bullet set, but that one has garbage in its slots while this one has Dancer 5 (very useful). It is somewhat lacking in its Bullet set, but as far as Pierce goes, it is pretty close enough and what I am currently using.


Normal Arrow bow. Garbage slots, but Ice element is nice and Raw is 2nd to best.

It requires Awaken, but it has the highest Raw + 3 Slots + Spread arrows, known to be the strongest of the types.

2nd to best Raw + 3 slots + Spread arrows.

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