Friday, February 13, 2015

Game Sales of the Week (2/11/15)

A bit late, but it wasn't an exciting week anyways, so you know, meh. Since the Smash Bros 3DS version got an update, I've been busy recording all of my videos before I update.

-Not exactly great numbers, but the top is Dragonball's new game (Yup, multi)
PS3: 44,000
PS4: 34,000
Total around 78,000

For past games,
Dragonball Rising Blast 2 was around a total of 56,000 (PS3, XBOX360)
Ultimate Blast was around 44,000 (PS3)
Z Battle of Z was around 53,000 (PS3, Vita)
So I guess it did pretty good? Of course, the game consoles are not the same, so there is a bit lacking in the comparison, I guess

-Lost Heroes 2 at 20,000
Lost Heroes 1 (3DS) was around 50,000 while 1 (PSP) was 30,000. Hmm, well... It wasn't a big series in the first place, I guess.

-And the rest doesn't really matter that much.
Youkai Watch is still high up the list, surprisingly.
Zesteria still sold 8000, though it is burning like hellfire around the Tales community as Bandai Namco continues to pour oil on the fire.
And I just realized that the Vita was about to drop to 4 digits again? Can't remember last week from the top of my head...

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