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Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Diary G

As an improvement? from Etrian Odyssey Untold 1, you can visit this dungeon even in Classic mode, so I have heard.


Just like in Untold 1, you can only enter certain parts of the dungeon as you progress through the main dungeons. The final boss of the story mode is fought here. (You don't fight the hidden boss like in Untold 1)

Spoilers alert.

On a random note, this is probably the 2nd time I've seen a game use Ginnungagap.

First floor:
The gimmick of this floor are bridges that can be lowered and retracted. They stay that way even if you leave the floor, so they also act as shortcut points for when you come back.
However, in the 2nd half of this floor, you have to play tag with the FOEs, using the bridges to trap them in areas so that you can get past them without fighting them.

The Great Boss Boar (FOE):
1. Physical attack on a row
2. Call War Boars (2 in the backrow)
3. Combination move with War Boars (they chase his attack)

Compared to the beginner FOE of the main maze, this one has no tricky moves. He only has physical attacks. When he does call monsters to his back, he will do a combination attack with them, but they are all physical moves, so it is easy to reduce the damage he does. Considering your need to attack the back row and the FOE's weakness to Blindess, a Ranger will make it especially easy to defeat him.
Movement: None -> Chase (1 step per step)

Basilisk (Boss):
1. Debuff on one row - Their max HP is halved
2. Bash + Spread + Arm Bind
3. Slash to random targets 4 times
4. Bash + Paralysis to entire party
5. Petrify to a row

A new design for the EO games, he is like an introduction to the option parts that appear on so many of Untold 2's bosses. For Basilisk, as his HP drops to certain points, he will reveal a "Basilisk Eye". It does nothing for a couple of turns, but then it will start using 5. In other words, you pretty much have 2~3 turns to take out the eye once it appears.
Of course, the main body will continue moving. Most of the his attacks are close-range, so attracting his attacks to the back row can be a way to handle his attacks. If you have a Princess, it will be fairly easy to remove the debuff 1 casts.
He will start using 4 around the appearance of the 2nd Basilisk Eye.

Second Floor:
The gimmick of this floor is FOE-based. The spider FOEs will be on the ceiling of the rooms, where there are spider webs. There is a certain mass in the room which allows you to burn the webs, causing the spiders to fall to their death. When you enter the room, they will start chasing you. When you enter within 3 spaces in front of them, the next turn, they will shoot a web. If you get entangled in the web, you are immobilized for a few turns, and if you enter battle in this state, you start battle with full binds on your entire party.

The Entrapping Poisonous Spider (FOE):
1. Damage + Full Bind on entire party
2. Slash + Poison on one target
If your shield or firepower character gets binded, your party might end up collapsing. Bringing in recovery items for binds might be helpful. The poison is dangerous too, but only it only has one target, making it relatively easy to handle... perhaps/
Movement: None -> Chase (1 step per step)

Arachne (Boss):
1. Creates a 3-turn field that does damage
2. Stab + 1 random bind on entire party
3. Stab + full bind on one target
4. Bash + Poison on one row
5. Pierce + Stab + Stun

She has many similarities to the FOE of this floor. If you burn the web in her room, she will fall down and be immobilized, starting battle with around only 60% of her HP. If you attacks you while you are immobilized by the web she shoots, you start out battle fully binded.

Her attack pattern is:
1 -> Random -> Random -> 4 -> 1, etc.
Because of her ability to bind your party, it is very easy for your party to suddenly collapse because you couldn't heal or you couldn't guard. Her attacks are not that strong and as long as you avoid the binding, you should be able to win. However, at any time, you could get binded and killed, which is a nasty part of her. On top of that, the damage 1 causes increases every time she uses it. Meaning you can't drag on the battle for too long. Also, because of this field of damage, once your party starts collapsing, it will be hard to get back on track, since resurrection at 1 HP means getting killed again at the end of the turn.

 Third Floor:

 When you enter this floor, you will not be able to return back to the town until after you reach the checkpoint. In exchange, you start out with a room with three treasure chests, each containing the item that allows you to escape battle and start back from the beginning.
This is especially important because the FOE of this floor prevents you from running away most of the time. So if you mess up and accidentally enter battle, you have chances to start over. Of course, if you bought this item before coming here, you have more chances to start over.

The gimmick of this floor is FOE-centric too. These FOEs look like walls while you look at them, but when you turn around, they reveal themselves and chase you.

The Hunting Crusher (FOE):
1. Prevents running away
2. Bash on entire party
3. Negate and reflect all attacks

Appearance-wise and action-wise, quite a scary FOE. Especially how he looks like a wall at one point and then suddenly turns into his true form...
Anyhow, he only has 1 attack, but not only does it hit the entire party, it does quite a lot of damage.

He will use 3 on the 3rd turn, 6th,  10th, 15th, etc. with 1 extra turn between each use. Before that turn, he will make a special motion, so it is impossible to make a mistake. Also, on the turn of 3 only, 1 is disabled and you can run away normally.
Movement: None -> Chase (2 step per step)

Fourth Floor:
This floor doesn't really have much of a gimmick. However, on your first time through the area, you will have to explore without your Paladin (in Story mode), so you might not want to enter so many battles or fight the FOE. The FOE itself moves in an odd manner, skipping through walls, making it hard to avoid him.

The Bewitching Pumpkin (FOE):
1. Physical damage to random targets
2. Damage + full bind to entire party
3. Calls the normal Pumpkin enemies into battle

One of the three Pumpkin enemies, he calls the only one to be a normal monster into battle. The normal Pumpkin enemy can cause Confusion while the FOE can cause Binds, but neither of them have great firepower or anything, so as long as you are careful that your party doesn't accidentally collapse, you can take him out pretty easily.
That said, the first time you meet him, you do not have your Paladin, so it is not suggested you fight him.
Movement: Patrol (skips through walls)

 Demi Fafnir (Boss):
1. Fire to entire party
2. Fire damage 10 times to the party (hits equally)
3. Slash to random targets twice
4. Slash + Arm Bind + Spread
5. Pierce + Slash + Head Bind + Blindness
6. Creates a field that causes Fire damage at the end of each turn
7. Offensive debuff + Terror

The hardest part of this fight is that you do not have your Paladin in your party, meaning you fight with 4 members. On top of that, it is hard to cause status ailments on him, making your Fafnir the only one that can cause stable damage. You cannot Guard the attacks either, meaning you have to find other methods to lower the damage or heal.
The attacks you have to watch out the most for are all Fire attacks, meaning it is useful to use skills to lower Fire damage.

He will summon 2 options in battle and cast 6 at that time. By destroying 1 option, the damage caused by 6 drops. Destroying both dispels 6. After a few turns after summoning the options, there will be a special narration. On the next turn, he will use 2. If any of the options are still alive, the damage greatly, greatly increases.

Because he uses Fire moves, he seems to be weak against Ice, but he is actually weak against Lightning.

 Fifth Floor:
The final floor of this dungeon, the gimmick revolves around the FOE and special walls set around the floor. When you get within a 5-space range in front of certain walls, on the next turn, a tentacle will grab you, pull you to it, and immobilize you for a few turns. If the FOE is in the way, the FOE will be dragged in, receive damage, and be immobilized instead. Of course, if you enter battle while the FOE is immobilized, it starts out fully binded.
At one point, you will have to let the wall grab a FOE first in order to get past the wall.

 The Blue Winged Dancer (FOE):
1. Fully heals self
2. Physical damage + Accuracy down debuff randomly 3~5 times
1 is used at the end of the Even Number turns. It does not use up his turn's movement.
Simply an annoying FOE, but not a hard one, as his only attacking move does not do fatal damage. But it lowers your accuracy and you have to take it out within two turns, else it heals itself to full health. If you can bind his legs, he cannot use any of his moves, including 1.
Movement: None -> Patrol (when you get close enough?) -> Chase (when you get close enough, 1 step per step)

 Forest Cell (Final Boss):
1. Removes buffs + Defensive debuff + full bind on a target
2. Removes all negative effects on self + negates everything while active
3. Null damage on entire party (Armageddon)
4. Lowers healing debuff + Poison on entire party
5. Lowers max HP + Curse on entire party
6. Heals options
7. Null + Spread
8. Removes debuffs + offensive buff on target (ally)
9. Spreads a target's negative status on entire party

Movement Chart:
Phase 1: 2 -> Nothing -> 4 -> Nothing -> Nothing -> Nothing -> 4, etc
Phase 2: Nothing -> 1 -> Nothing -> Nothing -> Nothing -> 1, etc.
Phase 3: (2 is dispelled) -> 5 -> 7 (for 7 turns)
Phase 4: (6) -> 8 -> 1 -> 9 (if 1 worked) -> Nothing -> Phase 5
Phase 5: (2) -> 8 -> 1 -> 9 (if 1 worked) -> Armegeddon -> 8, etc
Phase 6: 5 -> Armageddon (for remaining of battle)

Although he has the same name as Untold 1's boss, his design is different. And as you might expect, he uses options in battle. In fact, the hardest part might be his options. He has 4 options, two are tentacles that do physical damage and are weak to elemental attacks, and two heads that do elemental damage and are weak to physical attacks.
He starts out with two tentacles and goes to phase 2 when both are destroyed.
He then reveals his two heads and goes to phase 3 when both are destroyed.
In phase 3, you will be able to hurt his main body. He goes into Phase 4 after you do a certain amount of damage or after using 7 for 7 turns. This null damage is quite low, so it is nothing to worry about, BTW.
In Phase 4, all 4 options are revived, though you cannot hurt the heads (and they cannot attack either) until Phase 5.
In Phase 5, 2 is reactivated until all of his options are destroyed. Once you destroy his options, you can hurt his main body again, but he goes berserk and starts spamming Armageddon in Phase 6.
Armageddon, in Phase 6, will become stronger with each use. It doesn't start out as a OHKO, but it will eventually, setting a time limit to the player.

Throughout the entire battle, if you take out 1 option and the other one is still alive at the end of the next turn, the defeated option will be immediately revived. Meaning, you have to take out both options within a 1 turn frame.

The tentacles:
1. Slash on a row
2. Stab + Pierce
3. Huge Bash damage on entire party
3 will be used every other turn after the 3rd turn, in Phase 4 onwards. Needless to say, this gives you a time limit for defeating the tentacles again.

The heads:
1. Fire on random targets 2~3 times
2. Lightning on random targets 2~3 times
3. Ice  on random targets 2~3 times

The first time, the pattern is:
Left Head: Fire, Ice, Thunder
Right Head: Thunder, Fire, Ice

When revived:
Left: Thunder, Fire, Ice
Right: Ice, Thunder, Fire

 When you do defeat him, he will revive at full health and you are forced to fight with the protagonist Fafnir only, but this is completely just an event battle and impossible to lose. That is because you have 9999 health, great boost in power, infinite turns for transformation, and heal around 2000 HP each turn. The boss will spam Armageddon, but you will fully heal each turn.
In other words, you get to bully the hell out of the poor guy.

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