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Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Diary 3

Finally prepared to go into the 4th Stratos boss, so the article on the 3rd Stratosphere.
From Fall to Winter...

11th Floor:
A pretty normal map. It does introduce you to the ice floor gimmick of the stratos. You see a section on the bottom marked with sparkles, but that is a DLC area for the hot spring standing artworks for the girls.

More sliding around on the ice. Depending on the time, the FOE of this floor moves or doesn't, so you will have to change your route depending on the time. It is possible to go through the floor regardless of the time though.

More sliding, but now you are introduced to the ice cube gimmick. By pushing the ice cube around the frozen floors, you can make walls to reach new paths, of course, but by pushing the ice cube onto the FOE, you can destroy it (of course, like with the 2nd Stratos's fire gimmick, no EXP).

More sliding and ice cubes, but the FOE on this map will reflect any ice cube that hits it. So you have to wait for it to move away before pushing the ice cube.

The final floor and like all floors, it has everything the previous floor has. From pushing ice cubes on monster to avoiding monsters. Half-way across the floor, you will enter a boss fight. For the stratos boss, there are a couple of tentacle "FOE"s around her and by pushing the ice cubes in the boss room at the tentacles, you not only destroy it but cause damage to the boss.
The tentacle FOEs move around the boss to face you, whereever you move in the room. When they just move, they remain grayed out on the map for a couple of steps. ONLY when they are grayed out will the ice cubes kill it. Otherwise, it will push the ice cube back at you. These tentacles do appear on the monster-dex, so you will have to kill it eventually in battle to fill it up.

The Hidden White Wolf (I'm just going to make a basic translation of their names)
Every 3 turns, it changes its direction. During those three turns,
-Changes the direction
-Lays down (disappears on the map)
-Gets up
while staying in one spot. If you end up in front of it, it will start chasing you.
I was actually able to defeat it on my first try (I got tired of trying to avoid it at one point), without knowing about its pattern.
In battle, during odd turns, it uses a basic attack on one character. On even turns, it uses a piercing ice attack. It also automatically uses Attack Howl on itself to boost its offensive stats at the end of the turn.
With a Freeze Guard 4~ onward, you can practically reduce its ice attack to nothing, so your main goal is to somehow survive its basic attack. It might just be a basic attack, but the FOE's attack is very high. However, since it is only one target, as long as your Paladin survives and you have methods of healing, you can probably take him out even when he has a red aura.
His rare drop gives a really useful staff, so try to get it before you head towards the boss.
Movement:  None (Changes direction every three steps) -> Chase (1 step per step)
Rare Drop: Taken out while confused

Evil Dragon of the Underworld:
Stat-wise, the strongest FOE of the stratos. If you enter battle during day, it will start out sleeping.
It only has one skill, which hits a party randomly multiple times and causes poison. Needless to say, getting hit hurts, but being poisoned too kinda gives way to a kill.
The rare drop comes from death by petrification. There is a monster in the stratos that has a Grimoire Petrify skill, so one way to defeat this guy even when he has a red aura is to get a bunch of Petrify Grimoires on your characters, save, enter battle while he is sleeping, and just spam the move. If you are lucky, you will kill him while he is asleep. If you are not, start over.
Movement: Day -> None (Sleeping), Night -> Patrol (back and forth)
Rare Drop -> Petrify

Evil Eye that Looks at Emptiness:
The poor guy that gets squashed by ice cubes.
His attack skill hits only one target (for heavy damage) while he also has a skill that causes confusion or paralysis on one line. However, his weakness to Stab and Bash makes him fairly frail, so as long as you use something like the Princess against status ailments and survive his attack skill, he isn't hard even with an orange aura.
Movement: Patrol (back and forth) -> Chase (1 step per step)

The Gelatin of Mountain Air :
When I first fought him, I thought he was going to use some kind of ice skill on my party and had my Paladin use Freeze Guard every turn, but it turns out he is far easier than I first thought.
In fact, until you kill him, all it does is either a basic attack or boost its ELEMENTAL attack. Needless to say, it doesn't matter how much he boosts his elemental attack since he only uses his basic physical attack.
So what is the point of that? Well, just like all of the basic gelatin monsters, he does something when you kill him. With this FOE, he unleashes a powerful ice attack on your entire party... which can be blocked by Freeze Guard. So maybe you get killed the first time by surprise, but that is it.
Movement: Patrol (back and forth) -> Chase (1 step per step)

I forgot their English names, but you know who these guys are if you played the original EO2.
1. Random status ailments (other than Instant Death and Petrify) on entire party
2. Heals around 200 HP + Status Ailments + Binds + Heals once more at end of turn
3. Increase target's offensive stats
4. Attack that causes drop to all status of the target if the target has a status ailment
5. Attack that causes full bind on the target if target has a status ailment

1 is used on the first turn and every 5th turn. Make sure to protect your party or have some way to recover from it. The turn she uses it is set, so it won't come by surprise.
Other than that, until her HP drops to red, she doesn't really do anything surprising. 4 and 5 seem to exist, but she never used it on me. Perhaps only if you have a status ailment?
2 and 3 are only used when her HP drops and both don't really stand out too much. 3 can be removed by debuffs or the Princess.

 1. Ice Shot
2. Thunder Shot
3. Fire Shot
He just shuffles between shots for most of the battle. Once his HP drops,
4. Stab attack on entire party
As long as you don't die from one hit, he hardly does anything scary for a while. Though you might want to remove his buff if he gets buffed by his partner.

You will fight both of them at the same time, but as this is only the 3rd Stratos and they are not the Stratos boss, they aren't really that strong. However, there is one section for each of them that might cause a game over...
For both characters, when their HP drops to red OR if their partner falls in battle, they will use their Force Boost in which all of their moves hit your entire party. So Ice Shot now hits the entire party instead of one target, for example. THEN, ON the third turn after using Force Boost, they will use a self-destruct move that causes Null(Doctor Magus)/Stab(Gunner) Element damage that hits 16 times randomly on the entire party. Needless to say, your party will have a very very hard time surviving it.

What I did was store up my power on the first target until they Force Boosted and kill the first target before they used their self-destruct move. By losing their partner, the other one Force Boosts, so just defend two turns and then use the Paladin's Force Break on the 3rd. The other enemy then falls in battle as well.

The stratos boss and a trauma to people who played the original game, perhaps.
1. 5~8 random Slash hits on entire party
2. Sleep on entire party
3. Ice to a row
4. Stab twice
5. Random status ailment on 1 target
While she has other moves, the main problem against her doesn't change from the original. She will try her best to get 1 on your party. The move does massive damage per hit, but has incredibly low accuracy. So by using Sleep or Leg Bind, she reduces the target's ability to evade to 0 first.
By hitting the ice cubes on her before battle, you can reduce her HP slightly.
Rare Drop: Take her out while she is asleep

During battle, she also summons tentacle monsters (her tentacles) from the ground. On the turn she uses 1., the tentacles will use a move that stuns and causes Leg Bind to the entire party. While it is best to take out the tentacles, she summons them almost every turn, meaning you will have to take out the tentacles on the turn she uses 1. or have a move that will wipe out the tentacles in 1 hit every turn that hits all summoned tentacles.

Her attack pattern goes like this:
1 3 Basic 3 1
3 Basic Basic Basic/3 2 1
3 5 4 Basic/3 2 1 <-- from onwards

On the first loop, she summons 1 tentacle on her first move and third move.
On second loop, she summons one, then one, then one, then one. Leaving one turn of space before using 1.
On the 3rd loop, she summons one, then two, then one, then two. Leaving one turn.
From the 4th turn onwards, she summons two, then two, then two, then two> Leaving one turn.

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