Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (12/10/14)
Smash Bros for WiiU (Japan) came out this week! (Yes, later than America)

-With no surprise, it comes out on top, with 220,000+
GC: 357,101
Wii: 816,198
Considering that a 3DS version came out before and the smaller amount of systems sold, I think the results are right around the mark. Because of the type of game it is, I believe there is plenty of room for growth, assuming the WiiU can gain pace and grow as well, but... We'll see.

-I believe Derby Stallion is a completely new game?

-The new Aikatsu game (I have no interest in the series, but I believe the anime is popular with certain groups?) does 33,000+
The two My Princess: 53,866
Cinderella Lesson: 9,019
...Not really sure what to think. Cinderella Lesson actually eventually grew all the way past 100,000, BTW.

-Guilty Gear Xrd Sign (Multi) does around a total of 40,000
I can't find previous games on the PS3/PS4 for this series, so has this game been Arcade for a long time? The last (and first) time I played Guilty Gear was on the DS. From the looks of the videos on the net, there was a fair amount of popularity, but... Hmm, surprisingly low sales.
Shame Bridget isn't in it. Ramlethal is cute, but to be honest, she looks like a BlazBlue character rather than a Guilty Gear one.

-Sengoku Musou Chronicle 3 (Multi): Around 40,000
2: 35,000
1: 43,000
Well, always around that area, I guess.

-March on Titan : Chain does almost 20,000
The original did 89,448
Apparently, Chain is kinda like the "G" version of Monster Hunter, and you could update to Chain at a cheaper price. I assume that when updating, it does not count as a sale? In that case, the drop from 90 to 20 makes sense.

-As far as noticeable games go, Little Big Planet 3 and PS4 Tetris x Puyopuyo did not make the list.
Seriously, what were they thinking? Even if it is just the SCE consoles, I'd so so so rather play Tetris x Puyo on the Vita over a home console. OF COURSE it wouldn't make the list. Not sure what happened to Little Big Planet though.

-As for consoles,
WiiU sees a boost from Smash Bros
3DS sees a boost from... holiday seasons, I guess?
The other consoles more or less the same.

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