Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (12/3/14)
Quite an active week?
As for me, mainly Monster Hunter, some of Etrian, several rounds of Smash Bros

-Pokemon stays at the top despite all of the newcomers

-The top new game is Phatansy Star Nova at 107,000+ mark
Phantasy Star Online 2 55,000+

Phantasy Star 1 329,455
Phantasy Star 2 284,883

Another Spin-off:
Phantasy Star ZERO 85,573
I guess since Nova is a spin-off(?), the results aren't that bad?

-Etrian Odyssey 2 remake at almost 60,000
EO4 was around 97,000
EO1's remake was around 92,000
So an unfortunate drop. But I guess the people who tried the "new" type of EO but did not like the new format + a remake and not new story + people who hated the Grimore system in 1's remake consisted of this drop. Not surprised. On top of that, EO5 was announced already.

-Fate/Hollow did around 50,000
StayNight did around 33,000, so I guess it is an improvement? Though I don't really know much about the popularity of the various Fate games or the link between them, other than what has been anime-adapted

-Hero Bank 2 near the bottom at 8,000
Hero Bank 1 only did 17,000 anyways, so it wasn't a big drop. But it still halved.

-Senran Kagura's spin-off(?) did only 14,000, but a DL version seemed to have been released first? Not that I know how much that sold either.

-Other than that, not much to say, Anime, multi, something really maniac...

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