Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (12/17/14)

Uhyo~! MH4G's Zero Suits equipment is so awesome (to look at). The male characters got the Barrier Suit, it seems. Well, not like we want to see guys wearing that suit... right?

 -Anyways, this week's top topic(?) is the release of the updated? middle? Pokemon Emerald/Platinum/etc? version of Youkai Watch 2.
This version did 1,200,000+
The original two versions of Youkai Watch 2 did 1,281,096. Very little difference and quite surprising.

-It seems Grand Theft Auto V already came out for the PS3? According to the list, the PS3 version did 304,752.
PS3's IV did 122,058.
PS4's did around 80,000, which is good enough, considering it is a Multi? I'm not too sure about GTA's popularity in Japan.

-Shining Resonance came in with 67,000. It has been quite a while since I heard of the Shining series, but well, glad to see Tony still doing the artwork. Good artwork, though his characters tend to have the same face.
It seems there has not been any Shining games for the PS3 until now. A few of the PSP games:
Shining Hearts - 111,000+
Shining Blade - 118,000+
Shining Ark - 65,000+

-And that is it for the noticeable games on the list.

-For hardware, 3DS continues its massive boost thanks to the holidays. Grand Theft Auto and a new Metal Slime (DQ) edition, it seems, boosted the PS4 so highly.
Interesting, the WiiU isn't growing much despite the holidays. One of the biggest consumers are light customers and kids, but thanks to games like Pokemon and Youkai Watch, it seems a lot of them have chosen on the 3DS? Which would be quite unfortunate, but hmm...

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