Monday, March 16, 2015

Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Completed

I'll make a post later on it, but I was able to complete the medals just in time!
As for Stratus 6, I'll leave that as a secret to get to. Though as far as the hidden boss (Stratus 6 boss) goes, because of his healing move and option parts, it is probably best to One-Turn Kill him. Fighting him normally takes at least 20 turns... on Picnic!

 As for my Classic Mode party:

Pretty much a Status Ailment/Bind party. Doctor Magus probably would be better than a Medic in this case, but I wanted to use classes that were not in the Story mode.
Pet is the tank
Dark Hunter is Whip-focused (@Ecstasy)
Medic is the healer
Hexer is the debuffer + main Status Ailment user of the party + can Bind (especially with her Force)
Gunner can do decent damage without any need of a combo + can Bind
Of course, the last boss has plenty of resistance and isn't exactly the kindest to my party full of low-defense classes, so I overleveled a bit before fighting him...

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