Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Game Sales of the Week (3/4/15)

I sometimes forget that February only has 28 days...
Putting that aside, looking forward to G-Rank Dara on MH4G.
Also, Etrian Odyssey + Mysterious Dungeon coming out soon. Also, a PV on the battle system of Xenocross coming up!
Not much this week except for the Dragon Quest spinoff

-Of course, this week's top game is Dragon Quest Musou. Well, the title is Dragon Quest Heroes, but...
Anyways, PS3/PS4 multi with
PS3: 325,000+
PS4: 269,000+
Perhaps not a good news, but the PS3 version beat the PS4 version. Looks like while most have moved from PSP to Vita, the home consoles are much slower, probably because of the monster costs.

Hokuto Musou: 385,000+
Gundam Musou: 171,000+
One Piece Musou: 627,000+
Zelda Musou: 78,000+
And I'm going to skip the many other versions out there, because there is just way too much.

DQ Musou did a pretty good job compared to the other collaboration Musous. Of course, as far as Japan goes, Dragon Quest is also the most popular game series out of them.

-And nothing else really important. Anime and a couple of visual novels

-As for software, the Vita boost predictably ends, but the PS4 sees a fairly good boost because of Dragon Quest Heroes.

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