Saturday, November 12, 2016

Adventure Bar Story - Complete!

I've already pretty much suggested trying the game, since its cheap enough that it doesn't hurt on top of the fact there is a demo available too, so I'm actually not going to go into much details on the game.

Pretty much my entire team throughout the game, once they joined the party.
Siela is the physical attacker, though she can also use healing magic when needed.
Lidia is the support. I have her use her stealing moves until she steals the item and then she uses healing (through items), buffs, or Weakness as needed. Against non-boss enemy, she can do fair damage too.
Alfine is the magical attacker. There are a surprisingly large amount of enemy that Fire works against, and she even learns an Earth element magic that hits the entire enemy party just in-case you fight an enemy resistant to Fire. Or Holy. To be honest, this is so much enough, I didn't really even use Milija. And she even can heal too. Damn... (And no, Elias is not an option in the first place).

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