Friday, November 11, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 8 (Part 2)

I split up the post into two parts because it was getting too big. This part is about a Friend Match I had, not Special or Ranking, and I also added pictures to make it easier to understand. And such reasons to split it up.

-Friend (4 Players, Option Tour)
Me: Wind Book
Opponent 1: Wind + Water Book
Opponent 2: Fire Book
Opponent 3: Earth Book

As for Book content, I guess you can say everyone had fairly normal Books. However, as this is a map with Gems, everyone seemed to have Gelatinous Armor in their Book.

For the same reason, I added Cornfolk and the non-Wind Creature Gelatinous Wall to my Book so I could earn Gain. Also, because the map's two non-corridor areas are in a grid shape, I added Sleipnir and Chariot to my Book. Finally, I actually added 4 copies of Typhon into my Book, because his ability to change the territory element also boosts the value of Wind Gems.

There actually was not a lot of battling on this map. This is for two reasons:

  • Gems are just more valuable. It is more efficient to just focus on saving money, buying gems, and somehow increasing their value. After that happens, sell the gems and level up.
  • Everyone had plenty of efficient armor. While a player could invade and make them use it, the above reason combined makes it not a welcoming option.
  • Only two players (my Wind and Opponent 2's Fire) really had firepower

In fact, I think the "biggest" invasion was my Typhon defeating a Level 3 Land Urchin that I turned into Wall of Stone.

So, as far as the results go, I was able to win. Here are some highlights, including very important moments:

Probably the most important moment of the match, very early on on the 2nd lap. Using Chariot to dive into a Bird Maiden covered by Mad Harlequin and using Gelatinous Armor. That gave me enough Gain to immediately buy 10 Wind Gems, before anyone else.

Talk about a huge boost.


A common strategy with Gems. By simply buying and selling the same Gems, you gain a profit. I'm the yellow player here, where I bought as many Gems as possible to make my Gain low enough to be able to go negative and give me a chance to sell what I just bought.

Using Turn to the Wall on Land Urchin, so it loses its ability to negate movement-based invasions. Although I would have invaded earlier, Shankrubber stopped Typhon for a bit. Though I used the extra turns to buy a few more Wind Gems before invading, as I knew I would win and the Earth territory would turn into Wind, increasing the Wind value.
Thanks to Turn to the Wall, the opponent could not use Armor to defend it.
Increase from the purchase of Gems, and then another increase for turning the territory to Wind.

Double Gelatin. Another reason I have Chariot and Sleipnir.

Selling the Gems for the final level-ups. I think it may have been wiser to keep a few Gems, though I am not sure if it would have made a difference. I wanted to sell the Gems because one of the players drew Obliteration. He did not use it immediately because it would hurt him quite a bit too, but it gave me the time to sell.

Though I had a decisive start, the turbo Gems may provide led to this situation... Where the red player and blue player were possibly one dice roll away from winning. It took me two turns after reaching the Goal Gain, but I was able to roll a large dice and finish the match.

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