Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WIXOSS card hunting in China!

So yeah, I just got back from a trip to China (the reason I did not make any new posts, and no new posts for Culdcept either for this rotation) and now I have a cold/fever
... I'll try to make posts about a couple of new games I bought, ...when I feel a bit better.

Anyways, I ended up coincidentally buying an entire deck's worth of cards (50). I tried to get the Chinese-version-only cards while I was there, but I could not find a few. I'll look at that issue later. Went to a couple of shops, with one personally run having a considerable amount of WIXOSS cards. Sadly, he did not have too many Japanese versions left. I was able to watch a battle between Midoriko and Remember/Piruluk while I was there.

Oh, and late on the joke, but I got some Tupperware to use for carrying the cards back.

I originally didn't plan to get many Chinese cards, but it was a good opportunity to collect the card artworks that I did not get while opening booster packs.

The Selector Party Lrigs seem to be Chinese-version only. The art is also in the Japanese version, but it isn't shiny. Also, it looks like some cards have a bit of different colorings? to it. From what I saw in the Japanese version, the sparkly stuff for Cthulhu Call and Tawil=Fem are different? The ones for the Chinese version are blue, but images of the Japanese version is different. If you open up the image in another tab, you should be able to see it easier. I think the images are a bit dark this time, so you might need to do that for the other images too, to see it easier.

Some other Signi and Spells and Arts I did not have. I think Svarog's Rare-rarity version is Chinese only? Since the Japanese version has only the Selector's Pack and Secret version.

 And of course, some of the Chinese-version-only cards.

Also got some of the few remaining Japanese cards in the store. I wanted the Parallel Doronjo, but he wasn't willing to part with it. Though I was able to get 2 Contempora, boosting my stock to 4. Only 2 Suiboku though. Not that I am sure I will make an Ann deck.

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