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Manga goods purchase (10/25/17)

Meh, I didn't really have a good title.
Anyways, I'll be talking a little about my purchases, which would be Seitokai Yakuindomo, WIXOSS, MM!, Zero no Tsukaima, and Love Lab. Yeah, it will also be partially me advertising them.

So first of all is the WIXOSS Light Novel.
The content... is actually about some of the Signi trying to become idols. In other words, it is pretty much a completely original standalone story.
If you are a fan of those Signi or just want to actually see the Signi do something instead of just their Flavor Text, it could be a good purchase.
Unfortunately, it costs about twice or more than the average light novel.
That said, you do get a special illustration version of Double Chakram, which is a popular card.

Next is Volume 6, 7 of the Comics version of MM!
Yes, I am several years late on this purchase, but it is better later than never.
As... people may know, the light novel of MM! ended prematurely due to the death of the author. But as a fan of the series, I felt the need to at least collect the entire library. As you may expect... I do have all of the light novels.

But I only had volumes 1-5 of the manga. So I took this opportunity to get the remaining two volumes.
BTW, as far as the plot left behind by the author, the decision seems to have been that there is no point in telling it from outside the author's mouth, so plot lines like why Mio-sama wanted to be god and who Tarou ends up with is left to the audience.
Oh, and I cheer for Mio-sama.
Also, another note, but an anime exists. It wasn't bad, but just so-so. The voice acting was great and all though. But I found the character designs average.
Also, the manga is actually pretty good. The facial expressions and comedy are very well done.

Next, Seitokai Yakuindomo volumes 14 and 15.
Not to much to say here. Just keeping track with the most recent volumes.
As people may know, it is a 4-koma with girls that like talking dirty jokes. Yet surprisingly, there is no fanservice.
Long story short, it is great fun and there is a reason this manga-ka has been able to live on writing dirty jokes for the last part... many years. I do have volume 10 of his previous work, Imouto ha Seishunki, but I was not able to get my hands on the previous volumes.
Also, the anime is good. Watch it.

Next, we have the illustrations collection book for Zero no Tsukaima. 
It includes all illustrations by the light novel's illustrator ever done, which includes rare ones that were from store bonuses and all of that.

Most importantly, as you can tell from the image, is that the book is huge! So the illustrations are a good size too. A number of collection items for Zero no Tsukaima have been released since its end (finished after the author's dead... yes, another dead light novel author). but if you had to choose only one, I would choose this one. A little pricey compared to the others, but good worth for it.

And FINALLY, I got all volumes of Love Lab so far, from volumes 1 to 13. 

Looking for a Love Comedy? Yes, this is the one to choose... Though it isn't finished yet.
One of the best parts of this manga is definitely the artwork. I mean look at how cute those blushing faces arrrrrreeee! And as you can also tell, it really evolved since the start.
Volume 1 is at the top-left and you can see the difference from the later volumes. To be exact, Volume 5 was the turning point for the artwork.
Of course, the story itself is cute and fun and sometimes moving too.
There is also an anime for it, and it is very good. I definitely suggest watching it, and the quality is quite high too.

Oh, and the manga-ka also did Bokura ha Minna Kawai-sou, which has also been turned into an anime. Didn't watch that one though. I definitely would have if I knew who wrote the original source at that time...

BTW, the manga are pretty big...

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  1. Wow, that Zero no Tsukaima illustration book looks SO AWESOME! *o*

    I didn't knew about this Love Lab manga, it seems very interesting (and cute!)
    I've watched Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou's anime, and quite liked it! (but I didn't read the manga, yet...)