Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pokemon Blue: Complete!

Well, I can finally take that one off my To Do list.

I want to finish FE: Thracia and start on Corpse Party or Stardust Amazoness.

Anyways, a few thoughts, final team, play time below...

So yeah, it was a fun ride. The earliest Pokemon game I've ever played was Pokemon Yellow on the Game Boy Color, so this really had its surprises. Stuff like Poison being effective against Bug is of course, pretty confusing now that you are used to the current type chart, but the movesets are definitely the nastiest surprises.
For instance, I thought Butterfree was going to learn Confusion at level 10, so I grinded before fighting Brock... only to learn Butterfree learns Confusion at level 10 in Pokemon YELLOW. It learns it at 12 in Blue. So I gave up and just used Charmander's Ember.

I also originally planned to use Nidoking for my Ground Pokemon, but it turned out it couldn't learn any Ground moves on its own, so I just used Dugtrio.
Charizard can't learn Fly... and it takes a long time before it learned Flamethrower...

So anyways, in my playthrough, I fought every possible trainer, and I ended up overleveled around Erika, but by the time I reached the Elite Flour, I was at least 10 levels lower than them. It wasn't really that big of a problem, but the Repels had pretty much no effect on my trip to catch Mewtwo.
And yeah, I've caught all of the Birds and Mewtwo, and also got myself Dragonair and Slowpoke, as they learn unique and useful moves in Gen 1, pointing specifically to Horn Drill and Fissure.
I did catch Chansey, but since all transferred Pokemon have their Hidden Ability, it's not that useful.

Some other unique Pokemon from Gen 1 that might be interesting are Horn Drill... pretty much anything that can only learn it in Gen 1... And I know that Kabutops can learn Reflect only in Gen 1. What else...

20 minutes playtime.

My final team upon defeating Gary in the Elite Four. (You don't automatically heal, so its easy to show what it was like at the end...)
If Raichu didn't run out of PP for Thunderbolt, Lapras wouldn't have fainted at the end against Blastoise...
  • Raichu (Electric Pokemon, HM Flash)
  • Hypno (Psychic Pokemon, responsible for tanking other Psychic Pokemon and using Headbutt on them)
  • Charizard (Starter... Can't learn Fly, so I had to switch out to a random Bird every time I wanted to Fly)
  • Vileplume (Grass Pokemon... though his Grass move is Mega Drain. Sleep is particularly powerful in Gen 1, so I also used him for Sleep Powder. Of course, HM Cut)
  • Lapras (Water/Ice Pokemon, HM Surf, HM Strength)
  • Dugtrio (Ground Pokemon)

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