Thursday, October 12, 2017

WIXOSS: Limited Edition Swimsuits!

Finally got my hands on the two packs of cards and other supplies!

BTW, do you know about Polka-dot collages? The idea is that if you cover a person's swimsuit with something, they look completely naked.

In other words, NSFW below.

So for both boxes, you get in each
  • The Level 0 Lrig cards for 8 Lrigs. The illustrations are, of course, swimsuit versions
  • 20 copies of a protector, for 4 types. So a total of 80 protectors, though only 20 of the same version. If you plan to use them for your main deck, you need to get another pack, but if it is just for your Lrig Deck, it can be used for two of them. Since there are two Lrigs on each pack, that fits perfectly.
  • 10 copies of an Over Sleeve, for 8 types.
Here is where it gets good. And interesting.
First, let me just say I've never used an Over Sleeve for TCG before.

But putting that aside, the interesting thing is that these Over Sleeves act as your "Polka Dot". So you are supposed to put the Level 0 swimsuit Lrig into a protector, and then put that inside the Over Sleeve. To be honest, since it covers up the card, I wouldn't really use them for my Decks though. But you need to at least use one each to enjoy the gimmick.

Let's see the results...
First are the "Red" ones...

Lrig cards, check.

 Over Sleeves, check.

Add them together...
Dona's is just awesome, but Tawil's is pretty fetish-y, since she still wears her socks.
Mel's feet are pretty good too.

Next we get the Blue ones...

Lrig cards, check.
...And I forgot to take pictures of the Over Sleeves, but you get the idea from the Red ones.

Add them together...
Mama's is just like, holy wow! But I like Umr's pose too.
BTW, the artist for Carnival's has uploaded a high definition version on Pixiv

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