Thursday, March 14, 2013

Age of Kings DS Complete!

I actually completed it a while back, but I couldn't take any pictures to upload and use, so I am just making this article now.

In general, it isn't bad, but just... too different, you know. Age of Kings is supposed to be this real-time game, but now you get this turn-based thing. Just the idea and first impressions drive people away. At least it did for me.
But finding a cheap used one at Gamestop, I decided to give it another try. And you know, it's a pretty good game. In general, it is difficult. But still not impossible. The balance isn't bad either.
I guess one thing that needs getting used to is the fact Crossbows cannot fire and move at the same time. Although, this makes sense in a way and is a distinguishing characteristic from other archers.

Also, one thing I wish they had was an explanation of all special abilities. Some were explained and others were easy to figure out, but ones like Longbows and Cho no kus have abilities that aren't really clear.

But if you can find a cheap used one, I do suggest buying it and trying it. Only cost around $5 for me.

Anyways, here are my scores for the campaigns:

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten all 3s on every game, but it is hard to do so. I got only one star for Minamoto's first mission, but that was because I didn't really understand how to clear the sub-objectives.
And then there are missions like Richard's Siege of Acre that are just hard.

And surprisingly, the hardest campaign's last mission actually wasn't that hard.

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