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Culdcept 3DS - Ouroboros

Now I want to talk about this interesting but hard to use creature that appeared in Culdcept 3DS. Because it is interesting and can be extremely powerful.
That, and I wanted to write some kind of article.

By the way, it seems the Ouroboro of legends that this creature is based off on is generally depicted as a serpent eating its own tail. In other words, this creature's illustration is pretty accurate.
Well, first of all, let's go over the basics.
These are both quite interesting stats. 20ST secretly means that with one friendly territory beside, the ST reaches 30 and forces Mycoron to use items in order to multiply. While limited in use, it definitely has its uses.
Next is 20MHP.This is also very interesting. With 20MHP, it gets destroyed by the simple Magic Bolt. It also is destroyed by area damage spells like Death Cloud and Tempest. 20MHP also means Barrow Wight will accidentally destroy it and be unable to cause Sleep if Ouroboros is not on a Wind territory. 20MHP means that on a +10HP territory like Wind or Multi, Ouroboros will have 30HP in battle and is immune to 30ST attacks that cause ailments, such as Medusa, Werewolf, Cockatrice, Nike, and Wendigo.

When controller has 4 or less territories, upon destruction in battle, revives as "Ouroboros".
In other words, as long as you control 4 or less territories, it can never be destroyed in battle.
However, Forced Teleportation by Little Grey and Forced Transformation will work on Ouroboros and combos like Cockatrice + Battering Ram will destroy Ouroboros as a different creature, so there is no revival.

Item Restrictions:
Items, Scrolls
Scrolls don't really matter, but Items is unfortunate. In other words, you don't get to do Ouroboros + Dynamite, which would result in an ST80 attack + Revival. However, you can use weapons and armors, including Wind Shield to negate creatures like Nike or Cockatrice.
Weapons mean you can use Storm Causer to suicide to avoid creatures like Nike or Cockatrice or the Sleep scroll.

Summoning Cost:
Fairly heavy. The G cost itself isn't high, but you need to discard to summon and you also need a Wind territory.
This is actually a good balance, as the Wind territory requirement prevents any deck from using Ouroborus as a territory holder at the beginning of the game.

Now then, after that analysis, here are some strategies for Ouroboros:
Reasons to use Ouroboros:
-Incredible resilience to destruction in battle
 And that's it. That's all Ouroboros needs, really.

Basic Strategy:
However, because Ouroboros can only have 4 territories, if you just move and try to reach the goal by moving around the map, you will have a hard time winning, because you can't control as many territories as the other Cepters. So when controlling Ouroboros, you always must try to force your opponent into your high level territories, such as using Holy Word and controlling territories that cannot be avoided.
The main play style is simply to get Ouroboros on the field as quick as possible and level it up as quick as possible. Because Ouroboros does not require territory defenses, you can play him on any territory. In general, you might probably just use Wind territories, because you need at least one to summon it in the first place. But if you place him in Wind territories, he will be prey to Nike and Forced Transformation and Barrow Wight. Placing him on any other territory will make him prey to Elemental Wrath, but it is very rarely used.

Holy Word:
Almost any Holy Word works, not just Holy Word 1, but it also depends on the map. For instance, on the map Chain, Holy Word 3 might be a better choice than 1 because you can use it on yourself at the beginning of the game and immediately land on a Wind territory.
Also, Word 2 and 3 are cheaper than 1.

Defensive Spells:
There are generally two choices on spells to cast on Ouroboros-
Land Protection - Once you cast it, it will protect Ouroboros from all of those nasty spells, such as Magic Bolt, Telekinesis, Turn to the Wall, etc. However, Death Cloud, Punisher, Tempest, and other area damage spells will pass through Land Protection. Also, books that focus on map damage will come with Remove Curse, which will also be a problem.
Phantasm - You will be immune to all damage spells, but your opponent can easily overwrite it. Also, Telekinesis and such will still go through, which is a big problem. If you use Phantasm + Invisibility, you can gain perfect defense to spells, but Invisibility can be easily overwritten as well. While rare, Plague + Punisher goes through.
My personal choice is Land Protection. The spells it protects against are far more common than what Phantasm protects against.

-Books with lots of area damage spells that pierce through Land Protection
--Use Mass Phantasm, though then your weakness switches to spells like Turn to the Wall
--What if your opponents have both types? Give up
-Basalt Idol
--Magic Bolt or Evil Blast; even if there is no Basalt Idol, you could use it to take out opposing territories

Other cards that work well with Ouroboros:

 Ares - Completely different element, yes, but if you can summon, it can get really interesting. Since Ouroboros books do not have many or any armor and items, you would have to use Peace to protect him, but with Ares on the field, all of your opponents will be encouraged to attack each other. At the same time, Ouroboros would not be affected by a boost to your opponents' ST. Also, With Ares, Cockatrice/Medusa + Battering Ram reaches 70ST and no longer works on Lv5 Wind territory Ouroboros.

Decoy + Life Gem - A self-destruction combo that works unless your opponent has a Scroll. When using Ouroboros, you cannot increase the amount of territories you control, so self-destruction attacks are the only ways to safely defeat opposing territories you land on.

Leprechaun + Dynamite - Another self-destruction combo. However, Leprechaun requires a Wind territory to use, so if you chain in a different element than Wind, beware that you still control a Wind territory to use this creature. Works unless your opponent has an item that negates destruction and stealing. However, even if your opponent uses such an item, Leprechaun will at least perform an 80ST attack, which is still enough to destroy some creatures.

Wraith - Not a combo, but it is a self-destruction attack. However, you only have a 60% chance of killing your opponent's creature.
Also, beware of negation items and Attack First.

Squonk - If you do not want to only take out high level territories, you could use Squonk with creatures like Executor or Nuclear Fusion to take out low level territories. However, it might be more efficient to just put in spells like Haste and focus on increasing the level of your territories instead.

Holy Llama - You will need to use Peace to protect it, but Holy Llama can be used to get your needed Wind territory. After you get that territory, you can cast Peace and then use Llama's Territory Ability to cast Holy Word 6, either on you to avoid territories or your opponent to force them on yours,

Invisibility - If your opponent sees you holding Ouroboros, they will most likely save their Evil Blast or Magic Bolts in their hand until you summon Ouroboros, as it takes a turn to use Land Protection and Ouroboros is open to map attacks for a turn. That is where Invisibility comes in. With Invisibility, you can summon Ouroboros that immediately cannot be targeted by spells. Invisibility wears off on the beginning of your turn, so you can cast Land Protection on that turn.
 Son Ascetic - Because Ouroboros requires a Wind territory, you can use Son Ascetic to take a Wind territory. This way, you can hold the territory until you switch our to Ouroboros and if your opponent attacks with an ST of 50 or higher, you can use Ouroboros as support. Son Ascetic's ability will absorb Ouroboros's revival abilty and revive as Ouroboros.

Aether Flash - Another way to quickly summon Ouroboros. The magic cost itself will slightly go up, but you will no longer need to discard and can avoid the Wind territory requirment, especially useful early in-game. At the same time, this can mess around with the other Cepters, forcing all of their creatures to cost 90G.
It also allows the summoning of Ares.
Late-game, this card's use does decrease, but it still works to force 90G summoning costs on every player.

Reform - Your targets are spells that could remove Ouroboros, such as Death Cloud. Also, targets include items like Power Crown, which can make LepraMite useless, or Counter Shield, which makes Wraith useless, or Scrolls, which makes DecoyGem useless... and such.

Other cards:
Wild Growth - If you use once, Ouroboros will at least survive 1 Death Cloud or Tempest; however, if Ouroboros is ever destroyed, since it revives as a new "Ouroboros", it will return to 20MHP
Meteor - Against high level territories
Earth Shaker - Works great with Ouroboros, but does not work on certain territories. However, it can do greater damage than Meteor to overall Magic assets.

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