Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Culdcept 3DS - Thoughts on Minor Cards (New Thoughts)

After some experimenting, I wanted to update my thoughts on some minor cards I thought about in the previous article.
That, and I wanted to write a post that wasn't a weekly sales one, once in a while.
Also added images! Just so the post isn't as plain.

Great Fossil - Thanks to Aether Flash, there is a new way to summon this creature. Although you can summon this card without a discard anymore, you do pay 50G more.
Also, an interesting combo with Great Fossil is Telekinesis/Chariot + Life Gem. This only works if the target opposing creature's ST is from 10 to 20 (or 30 to 40 if Borgess is on the map). This will result in the destruction of the opposing creature and the placement of Tyrannosaurus in place.

Clock Owl - Easily, the best map for Clock Owl is Atlus, placed preferably the territory right after the forts.


Doppelganger - Other than Protean Ring, there is actually the Trapezon. Combined with Senility, as long as the opposing creature's ST is less than 50.
Also, Doppelganger can bully creatures next to it, as long as the creature's ST is less than the MHP. Even if Doppelganger receives damage during transformation, he retains none of that damage after reverting from transformation.

Werewolf - The best way to use Werewolf seems to be with BOTH Ares and Borgess. With Ares, Werewolf + Tonfa can take out Lv5 territories. But even Medusa can do that. So add Borgess. With Borgess, Werewolf will be able to survive Attack First creatures with ST30 + 10 and ST40, something Medusa cannot do.
While it is true that Medusa requires +20 while Werewolf requires +10 to take out Lv5 territories, it is generally hard to get that +10 when your opponent will usually close in their creatures as much as possible. +20 on the other hand can be easily created through Ares.

Aspidochelone - An interesting way to use him is to use Turnover and Mutation on him. With one of each, you get basic stats of 50/50. In a way, you create a pseudo-Colossus (after round 20) that can use items and sub-Regeneration.
You'd like you use this Aspido for a high level territory, but to best use his qualities, it is preferable to constantly invade territories.

Wizard - One interesting thing to notice is that Wizard is the only creature to have 0ST and Critical Hit(Scrolls).
This allows excellent immunity to Crown of Power.

Pirate - The best(?) way to use him is Mutation + Turnover twice. To separate him from Bloody Pudding and other Support creatures, you want to use the fact Turnover can make his ST 50.
He can also use Weapons, which is a difference from Woodfolk. By using Mutation, you can then stress the fact Bloody Pudding can never go past HP100 through Support.
To be honest, it isn't worth the efforts...

Medusa - Gold Idol + Medusa = Make every creature into Statues. Worse than Nike?

Roadrunner - There are a few weapons that Roadrunner can use well. For instance, Rat Hunter and Binding Whip. Even though Roadrunner has low ST, by using these weapons, he can sneak through Land Protection and weaken opposing creatures.

Other items include the Pierce Rings. Even though Roadrunner has low ST, ST40's pierce attack can take out a good number of creatures. With Quetz, ST50 allows him to take out most creatures. He also has Attack First, so Attack First enemies are no problem.

Wind Cutter/Stone Hail/Firebolt/Freeze - The most useful of these 4 scrolls is with no doubt Stone Hail.

Earth's creatures generally have MHP higher than 45, such as the popular Mummy, or Support.
Water generally has higher MHP too, such as G. Ill.
Fire has plenty of MHP50 creatures used to hold territory too.
But not Wind. Wind's popular creatures include stuff like Holy Llama and Archer. Other than a select few creatures (Garuda, Wendigo, Quetz, Leveler, etc), as long as you get past Attack First, you can generally take out Wind creatures. Although it cannot defeat MHP50 creatures that do exist, it can be used to take out creatures just placed around to hold territory like Holy Llama. This scroll is also really useful when using Archer, because you can take out creatures like Holy Llama, Archer, etc. and replace them with Archer (who cannot use weapons). And all at a very cheap cost.
# of Creatures (how many creatures that can be defeated by Common Scrolls, not including creatures with +HP abilities, Ouroboros, Negate(Scrolls), Support, Gremlin, Rust Crawler):
Wind - 30
Earth - 24
Water - 22
Fire - 25

Life Stream -With Banshee (who hurts themselves and each other), which has now become easier to use in Burn books, thanks to Aether Flash

Scourge - Combo with Aether Flash

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